how to find the best evenflo carseat and compare

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The NHTSA ( National Highway Traffic Safety Assocication) is the leading US Authority on crash testing for unbiased reviews of child car seats. The 2008 notable brands of all those tested are available on their website.

However, how do they best rank with the rest of the pack and with so much information to pour through how does one use their site to find the best priced and safest car seat with best feature carseat out there?

Check out the two Convertible Car Seats that Evenflo has produced. They actually do rank up there pretty high with the higher end brands.


  • Ergonomic CarryRight Z handle
  • 5-point harness
  • EPS, energy absorbing foam liner
  • Separate stay-in-car base provides quick access in and out of car

NHTSA Detail Review of Evenflo Embrace

  • Side impact tested
  • Ergonomic carry right z handle
  • Five point harness
  • Energy absorbing foam liner

The evenflo carseat has been one of the mainstay for last 30 or more years. It has been priced very well and has received some of the most consistent ratings throughout the years.

How do the rank with the others? As a parent I found it quite difficult to easily find a central spot on the web to find a mix of “official testing” ratings, consumer experience, features and the convertible aspects. I do advocate the use of convertible car seats even with infants, so long as the car seat is rear facing for as long as possible. Therefore I would direct you to use to focus on Convertibles if you are a first time parent and use the reviews link.

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