Releasing The Inner Hottie In You

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Let us talk about Releasing The Inner Hottie In You. Ladies,  sometimes doing the same old sexual positions and just limiting yourselves to just the bedroom gets boring. Men like variety and a change. That is why some men cheat because they get tired of the same thing. Ladies, when you are married you have to be creative to keep the home fire burning. Instead of having sex in the bedroom, venture out into other rooms. For example: the kitchen, the living room and even the bathroom. Not just in the shower, but maybe on the toilet, or bending over the tub. Maybe even on top of your spouse in the chair in the living room. Don’t forget the element of surprise. Men love sexual surprises. When he comes home from work wear some sexy lingerie and some stilettos. Then, start kissing him passionately and you be the aggressor. A lot of times women are afraid to be the aggressive ones, but this will add some spice and variety into your sex life.

Another thing is atmosphere. There is nothing like aromatherapy used to put an air sensual scent in the air. Get five candles or more and light them in the place you want to make love. Turn on some lovemaking music like: Jamie Foxx’s Forecast or some Isley Brother’s Heaven Hooked Us Up. Whatever music that makes you feel sensual and seductive. You want to seduce him, make him feel like it is your first time together. You Know how it felt, hot and full of fire and desire. Be his naughty mistress. Create an ultimate fantasy.

Do not forget to step out of the box and try something different. Do something that you have never done to him before. Sometimes men cheat because their wife is too afraid to try certain things. Maybe you have never tried role playing. Don’t be afraid to try it you might like it. If you do not at least you tried something different and pleased your spouse. Remember, the bed of marriage can not be defiled between the two of you. So, enjoy each other. Make It an adventure each time you two make love. Try these and I guarantee you will have a happier marriage (these tips can be applied to any relationship, not just marriage).


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