BIG MONEY with a legit business !

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With all the get rich schemes out there today it’s nice to know that there are very legitimate business proposals around that can help you make a good amount of money with an extremely low business start up fee.

Pick up these supplies and begin:

  • Business license (in most places)

  • dish detergent

  • bucket

  • sponges

  • squeegies

  • water

  • business card

  • and to further the list in point form ,  here below are my thoughts on the matter that could put a very lucrative ,  inexpensive-startup-business  into your world to create the much needed cash or extra income you’ve been looking for.
  1. Window washing is the job that flies under the radar in many cases as the job that can make you good money fast with little experience to begin. Purchase your cleaning supplies: squeegies/bucket/sponge/dish detergent/business cards/water .

  2. DIRTYWINDOW_Thumb.jpg Approach any local business in your area and mention that you noticed their windows could perhaps use a fresh cleaning. There is also a great market for this in residential window cleaning. After asking how much you charge, In many cases they will say sure go ahead and clean them , while you are right there on the spot.

  3. KFC_Thumb.jpg An example window setting such as a Kentucky Fried Chicken outlett could gain you $25.00 for a quick half an hour of your time. You can then secure a scheduled date to return to keep the windows clean on a regular basis, therefore securing an ongoing job commitment.

  4. money_Thumb.jpg Obtain a few of these quick jobs with a quick return in pay and before you know it you have made yourself a good to excellent income depending on how hard you push yourself to pick up and schedule new clients.

  5. WINWASHTIPS_Thumb.jpg

    Learn some of the professional window techniques and you can have the quality of your work increase exponentially, securing your labor efforts further with a reputation in your community of high quality. One of the better FREE set of instructional technique videos I’ve seen on the net is found on youtube. I will post a link here for your convenience.


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