Communication Is The Key To A Healthy Relationship

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Communmication Is The Key To a Healthy Relationship. Especially if you are in a marriage. If you do not comminicate effectively your relationship is doomed and will fall apart. The main thing to remember is to always make eye contact. A lot of people talk to you and will not look you in the eyes. This is usually because they have something to hide. When you look a person in the eyes it shows that you are paying attention and listening attentively. Another good communication key is to never cut your mate off when they are talking. Sadly, I must admit that I have been guilty of this. I have learned from that mistake though. Sometimes experience is the best teacher. When you cut your mate off it only makes them more angry and makes them not want to finish what they are saying. Third, be open and honest with your mate. It is better to tell the truth rather than lie because the truth will eventually come out. When your honest you have less to worry about. Last but not least, never go to bed angry. I have mentioned this one before, but it fits right in with communication. If you go to bed angry and do not resolve anything it will just carry over to the next day. You will probably not get a good nights sleep and you will be tossing and turning all night. You may even just hold it in until you blow up and you do not want this to happen. Remember these keys to communication and you will have a healthy relationship.


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