AlwaysVPN – U.S. pre-paid VPN service

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AlwaysVPN uses the open source OpenVPN server and client, and it supports the Operating Systems of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OSX 10.4 and 10.5, and Ubuntu Linux. All of the VPN servers are currently located in the United States. AlwaysVPN is a hosted virtual private network. Their service creates an encrypted link between your computer and their servers and then forwards all of your internet traffic through this link. It works on any internet connection that allows you to browse web sites.

Below are a few example uses for their service:

-Prevent local eavesdroppers from listening in on your web communication.

-Bypass restrictive firewalls.

-Access US only web content (Hulu, ABC and other video networks are blocking our IP addresses).

-Bypass Government web content filtering.

– Unblock sites like MySpace, YouTube, Orkut, etc.

AlwaysVPN was launched as a free VPN service but now it switched to pre-paid service. This situation is just like Relakks, which is not free anymore. This means you will have to pay in order to use it. You have to purchase an amount of VPN bandwidth before using the service. For example, 5GB of traffic through AlwaysVPN will cost you $8.50, 10GB – $15, etc. After your purchase is completed you are able to use their VPN network until your available bandwidth is used up.

Here is a list of currently available Bandwidth options:

-5GB – USD 8.50

-10GB – USD 15.00

-20GB – USD 26.00

-40GB – USD 33.00

-80GB – USD 47.00

To use its service, simply go to the signup page and register for an account. Once you have an account you can purchase bandwidth and download their VPN client. It only blocks port 25 which port is used for sending email between mail servers.

If you want to use free VPN, you can try UltraVPN and Alonweb.


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