Fading Semi or Demi Permanent Hairdyes and Veggie Dyes

So if you’re like me, you enjoy a bit more colorful palette of haircolor than the ones that normal sprout from the human scalp. And sometimes, much to my dismay, there are times where one needs to sport so-called “normal” tresses for daily functionings, like weddings and jobs. First and foremost, I don’t recommend this! I recommending buying a nice wig to wear for Mom and Pop, Grandpa Joe, and to stop “being a bad influence on your cousins! Huff!” However, if you can’t (or you’ve just got to get rid of that blue so you can try that new pink!!), here is how to do it!

The first thing recommended when trying to preserve hair color is to wash less often, and use color-safe shampoo. Therefore, the first thing I recommend when trying to fade hair color is to wash as often as possible and use cheap shampoo. Cheap shampoo is the harshest thing you can use on hair that is actually made to be put in hair. I’m talking 99 cent shampoo. If you’re brave (or possibly a little stupid, like me) step outside the realm of hair care and use some dish detergent! It smells yummy and fades like nobody’s business! Afterall, it’s made to cut grease!

Keep in mind though, multiple washings and certainly washing with dish detergent will make your hair dry, so all that money you saved using 99 cent shampoo, spend on a nice conditioner!

When washing your hair, take chunks of it, and rub it between your hands, as if you were trying to roll it up. The pressure and the movement will help the color come out. Do this as long as you can be bothered to because it is the main factor in fading! When rinsing us hot water–as hot as you can stand.

Other summertime things that will induce fading are exposure to sunlight and chlorine, so if you’ve got a pool, dive in!

Good luck!

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