Want a better life flow? Unclog the guck

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Things may be going well and then, “TRICKLE, TRICKLE, CHOKE!” your life’s clogged. There were times in my life when I didn’t even notice how slowly my life was moving. Just like a drain, my life had become clogged with a lot of guck. Consequently, everything that was in important or supposed to be important got caught in the gooey, slimy, black murky guck that accumulates when we let things slide, tolerate the intolerable, sit with negative self-talk and stop taking care of ourselves.

You know this already: life is short, our days are busy, times are hard and money is tight. These are not valid reasons to live with guck in your life. Unclogging may not necessarily give us a longer life, slow, carefree days, easy times and a money tree. However, when our lives are unclogged there is a free flow of innovative ideas, fresh perspectives, inspiring thoughts, good and wholesome relationships, clarity about who we are, want we want and how to pursue our dreams.

Inspect your life. See if any of the following kinds of guck are chocking you into a mental and emotional unconsciousness, manifesting itself in mediocrity and complacency.

1. Self-limiting beliefs and negative thinking

Have you ever stopped and listened to what’s going on inside your head?  Maybe you do listen and you believe the negative and sabotaging talk. We are so full of if onlys, should haves and could haves, that we have lost touch with who we are beneath the lies and regrets.

We can begin unclogging our lives of this kind of guck one negative thought and one self-limiting belief at a time. Take one. Scrutinize it. Ask: What is it really? Where did it come from? How do I eradicate it from my life?

2. Draining relationships

Who doesn’t crave satisfying and nurturing relationships? Are you happy with yours?  Do you feel loved? Do you love? Do the words nurturing, deep, passionate and unconditional describe your relationships? Maybe you feel pressured to be, look and act a certain way before you are worthy to be loved.

As in everything else, balance, sacrifice and compromise in our relationships add quality to our lives.   Analyze your relationships. Talk it out with the persons concerned. Seek advice if you must and work to make them work. Be prepared to set aside those can’t be fix.

3. Career dissatisfaction

We spend a significant part of our time at work. If we don’t enjoy what we do, if we feel we are being marginalized by office politics, if our efforts and contributions are not rewarded or appreciated, if we feel that our jobs are sucking us dry, we can become disenchanted and dissatisfied. Career dissatisfaction can lead to mental and emotional stress which affects our physical health and results in poor performance on the job. Additionally, spiraling depression filters through other areas of our lives.

Talk with your boss. Revisit your job’s objectives. Be honest with your feelings. Share any suggestion you have and ask for advice to help you get a fresh perspective on your capabilities, responsibilities and aspirations.

4. Burnout

How well do you take care of yourself?  You cannot be and give your best when you are mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted and spiritually empty.

Start a revival in all areas of your life. Fan the dying flames of your spirituality with daily prayer, reading and reflection on your beliefs and how they should impact your days. Revive or start a regular daily practice of mental, physical and emotional self-care. Relax, refresh, and refuel. Read, exercise, eat healthy meals, enjoy leisure activities and write in your journal.

5. Tolerating the intolerable

What are you tolerating (putting up with) that continues to frustrate you and drain your energy? Sometimes, we are afraid to admit, even to ourselves, that there are people, situations and things that are hazardous to our health and wellbeing. Many of us tolerate unpleasant relationships, uncomfortable places, obnoxious people and disrespectful and belittling treatment because we believe we can’t change things or don’t deserve better.

Take a good look at the areas in your life where you feel frustrated especially where you are being forced for some reason to tolerate situations and behaviors that are downright intolerable. Do you believe you deserve a better environment, more flexibility, greater freedom, less complicated relationships, etc? Think of ways to manage and change the dynamics of the intolerable situations or clear them from your life.

When we get used to the stench of the guck in our lives it not only lingers, it grows worse. And just as a clogged drain can back up and spew toxicity everywhere, in the same way the gunk in our lives can erupt, leaving us in mess.

Clearing the guck from our lives is a slow process of poking, examining, dislodging and cleaning. The longer we wait, the more difficult it becomes to fix and return to a peaceful, happy and fulfilling place.

Is there the stench of guck in your life? Start the process of unclogging today.  Wear a mask, apron and gloves; it could get messy.


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