Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize – facial basics for your life

Have you ever had a facial? The process not only leaves your face glowing, it also affects how you feel about yourself. You walk taller and more confident. But if you depend only on a facial for that effect, the feeling won’t last very long. You can create a foundation for happiness, contentment and confidence in your life, by using the basics of a facial.

Every now and then, we get tired of the same old thoughts circling in our heads. We grow numb and complacent from the monotonous, mindless actions we perform every day. Plus, our self-destructive feelings continually sabotage our personal relationships and our professional opportunities.

If this describes your life, you may want to consider not just an external procedure, but one that starts on the inside and radiates outward. It is simple really. Just use the same basic three-step process of a regular facial.

The multitude of brands on the store shelves are enough to make you dizzy and confused about which to buy for a facial. Fortunately, the cleansing, toning and moisturising procedure I am recommending today saves you from worrying about brand names, product reviews or disfiguring side effects.


Experts say: Daily facial cleansing brings a glow to the skin. Failure to cleanse regularly and properly will result in the build up of oil from within and dirt, environmental and other impurities from without. They clog the pores, leading to ugly and embarrassing toxic breakouts, which can permanently damage the skin. So a daily cleansing routine is essential to free your skin of the effects of such pollutants. Never use normal soap; it is too harsh.

Your life is just as delicate. It deserves tender loving care and regular maintenance if you are to reap and enjoy the benefits. Just as daily dirt and grime can settle on your face and clog your pores, so too can daily stress, mental and physical exhaustion, and frayed emotions take up residence in your life.

They clog your mind with toxic thoughts that lead to breakouts of bad attitudes, mediocre efforts at home and on the job. They cause you to act contrary to what you know and believe. They attract toxic people whose poisonous venom infiltrates and alters how you view yourself, your life circumstances and your relationships. They dry up your enthusiasm for the beauty around you and the opportunities that grace your life.

You need to begin a regular life-cleansing regimen to remove the dust, dirt and toxicity in your mind, your body, your emotions and in your relationships. When you do, you will experience a renewed willingness and confidence:

  • To face the demons in your past.
  • To embrace a new and positive mindset.
  • To explore opportunities that enhance your personal and professional life.
  • To stand your ground and hold fast to your faith in the face of negative comments, abuse, toxic people and disappointing circumstances.
  • To forge ahead in pursuit of your dreams.
  • To notice and savour the good things in your life.

More importantly, your renewed confidence and bright outlook

will radiate outward and touch other people’s lives.


Experts say: Toning is the comprehensive process that includes removing remnants of make-up or cleansing lotion and restoring the skin’s natural pH balance. The astringent in toner closes the pores, tightens the skin and protects it from toxins and other environmental pollutants. Avoid those with alcohol which destroys the soluble collagen below the skin’s surface.

After you go through a period of cleansing your life of negative thoughts, destructive speech, haphazard actions and tumbled emotions, you need to tone the positive elements that remain by:

  • Balancing responsibilities at home with demands at work.
  • Balancing things you do for yourself with those you do for others.
  • Balancing personal time with fun, leisurely times with people you love.


Experts say: When exposed to the elements, skin can lose its natural moisture and wrinkle faster. Moisturising after cleansing and toning improves the skin’s elasticity, forms a barrier against the harmful elements, and replenishes the skin’s natural moisture. The secret ingredient to a fresh healthy glow is water. It keeps the skin moist and slows the inevitable ageing process. Apply moisturiser lightly, working outwards from the centre.

Cleansing and toning your life is effective only if you moisturise:

  • Mentally: Let this Bible verse be your motto: “Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honourable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things.” Philippians 4:8
  • Physically: Exercise regularly and eat healthy meals that include lots of fruits and vegetables. Schedule guilt-free self-care — personal time for quiet reflection and relaxation. Prioritise your commitments to allow time for leisure activities.
  • Spiritually: Make time daily for spiritual refreshing through prayer and meditation and fellowship with people who share your beliefs.
  • Emotionally: Learn to say “No,” and delegate to ward off burnout and its accompanying stress.
  • Socially: Seek out and embrace people whose company is refreshing, enjoyable and inspiring. Share your knowledge, your blessings and your time with others.

Surely you know that there is more to beautiful and healthy skin than genetics. It takes persistent work to keep it glowing. In the same way, your life can have the glow that comes from cleansing the harmful toxins that plague you, toning your days with a delicate balance of home life, work life, personal time, spiritual refreshing, healthy habits and choices, good friends and fun times.

What’s the condition of your life? Has it lost its glow? Use these three basic steps of a good facial to bring back the glow.

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