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software programs to help revolutionize

Download a free office suite which many say is comparable to microsoft’s office suite and yet others say its even better. In any case it’s free for you: go to It includes an extremely professional suite of such items like powerpoint compatibility , word-like documentation creation just to name two of the super applications included…and again , yes, all for FREE.

mic_Thumb.jpgAnother great site and freely downloadable is the software used in recording audio. Many have compared it to adobe audition and again some have even said it ranks past it in superb qualities. You can download this FREE software at this link:

tv_Thumb.jpgIf you would like to watch FREE tv online and to the best of my knowlege it is all legit and has been around for a number of years, you can download this software called TVUplayer. The website to download from is: These are for the good majority very popular channels also . I don’t think you will be disappointed.

There are so many others but for now maybe I will just mention this one of great value , also for FREE download:

This one is absolutely phenomenal if you are a person who likes to take your data or information on the go with you. This an actual FREE operating systemmag-glass_10x10.gif designed for a usb stick or pen-drive as some call it. I personally have it in use on numerous usb portable drives and still can’t beleive its free. They do offer a paid-for version but I found the free version more than sufficient. I work partially in radio and actually have a radio-station active ( a full radio station running/working/functioning) on one of these usb portable pen drives utilizing the mojopac software. pendrive_Thumb.jpgI will have to post another time on how to set up your own radio station using mojopak on a usb drive. I really was excited when I discovered I could do that one.

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