Fallout 3 Achievement guide

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T. Oasis
U. The Superhuman Gambit

V. You Gotta Shoot ‘Em in the Head

W. Reilly’s Rangers
X. Head of State
Y. Stealing Independence
Z. Those!
AA.Agatha’s Song
AB.The Nuka-Cola Challenge
AC.The American Dream
AD.Take it Back!
AE.Slayer of Beasts
AF.Doesn’t Play Well with Others

T. Oasis
– Completed “Oasis” 20G
– This quest starts in Oasis which is like in the northern middle
part of your map. It is the only place in the Wasteland that has
trees and is green. When you get there you will have to be
clensed. Afterwards you will be put in an area with a talking
tree named Harold. Apparently this character was in Fallout 1
and 2. So I guess that is some history trivia. Harold wants to
die. He doesn’t like being a tree, and wishes you to go into
a cave and find his heart and kill him. You have to talk to
some of the Treeminder people and get a key to the cave as well
as some medicince to either kill Harold or make him grow faster.
Doesn’t matter which you choose, the quest will still complete.

U. The Superhuman Gambit
– Completed “The Superhuman Gambit” 20G
– This quest starts in Canterbury Commons. When you get into
town, you will see two super hero type people fighting. One
using robots and the other using Giant Ants. Talk to the
town people and they will request your help to get rid of them.
The super hero’s lairs are right near the town. The Antogonizer
is easier to get rid of, but if you want some adventure, the
Mechanist is at the Robot Repair Center. To dispatch of him,
you must fight your way through robots and get to the elevater
at the end, and must have a lockpick skill of 75 to face him.
Once you dispatch of either superhero, return to Canterbury
and talk to Uncle Roe.

V. You Gotta Shoot ‘Em in the Head
– Completed “You Gotta Shoot ‘Em in the Head” 20G
– This quest starts in the Museum of History Underworld. Once
you enter the Museum of History, go straight and to the
basement. Speak with Mister Crowley. He will tell you some
people to kill and retrieve their keys off of them.
The list of people are…
– Dave – The Republic of Dave
– Ted Strayer – Rivet City
– Dukov – Dukov’s Place
– Allistair Tenpenny – Tenpenny Tower
You can just pick pocket these people and take their keys if
you do not wish to kill them and lie to Mister Crowley.
Bring the keys back to Mister Crowley and if you come back to
him later, you can kill him for some really good power armor.

W. Reilly’s Rangers
– Completed “Reilly’s Rangers” 20G
– This quest is started in the Museum of History Underworld.
Go to the Chop Shop in the Ghoul Underworld. Reilly is
laying unconscious in a hospital bed. Talk to the doctor and
he will wake her up. She will tell you about her Rangers
being trapped in the Statesman hotel. Make your way to the
Hotel and take care of the Super Mutants. Her Rangers are
located on the roof, so fight your way up there and help out
the rangers. This quest can also be activated by hearing the
emergency Ranger broadcast on the radio when near the hotel.

X. Head of State
– Completed “Head of State” 20G
– This quest starts at the Temple of the Union by Hannibal. He
wants you to go to the Lincoln Memorial and clear out the Super
Mutants. So go there and clear them out and return. He then
wants you to find a picture of Abraham Lincoln. Go to the
Museum of History. Instead of making your way to the Underworld.
Make your way to the left or right and clear out the feral ghouls.
You will find the poster along with a few other of Lincoln’s
possessions which can be sold to Hannibal. After recieving the
poster, return to Hannibal and then fast travel to the Lincoln

Y. Stealing Independence
– Completed “Stealing Independence” 20G
– This quest starts in Rivet City. Talk to Abraham Washington.
He runs his own American Museum there. He wants you to find
the Declaration of Independence. You must go to the National
Archives and make your way through. When you get to the end
you will find robots with President’s minds encoded into them.
You will have to convince one that you must take the
Declaration of Independence or you can kill it. Return the
Document back to Abraham Washington.

Z. Those!
– Completed “Those!” 20G
– This quest starts in Grayditch. A boy named Bryan will run
up to you and ask you for help. You will find that his
town of Grayditch is overrun with giant fire breathing fire
ants. He first wants you to find his father. So make your
way to his house and find the shack key and then go into the
shack to find Bryan’s dad’s body and Dr. Lesko’s equipment.
Read the notes and such and then go to Marigold station.
Take out some fire ants and find Dr. Lesko. He will give
you some orders to kill the fire ant protectors. Once you
have done this, return to Dr. Lesko and he will reward you
with some perks. Leave the Station and return to Bryan.
He will want you to find him a home, you can just tell him
you don’t have time or couldn’t find anyone and the quest
will complete or you can talk to his cousin in Rivet City.

AA.Agatha’s Song
– Completed “Agatha’s Song” 20G
– Agatha’s House is located Northeast of Meresti Metro
Station and west of the Scrapyard and can be hard to find
since it is surrounded by rocks. Once you do find it, talk
to her and she will want you to retrieve a violen for her.
Make your way to Vault 92. Vault 92 is infested with
Mirelurks so be on guard. Make your way to the Sound
rooms and look for the violen. Once you have found it,
return to Agatha for this achievement.

AB.The Nuka-Cola Challenge
– Completed “The Nuka-Cola Challenge” 20G
– This quest starts in Girdershade, speak to Petrovita. She
wants you to locate 30 Nuka Cola Quantums. Her body guard
will want you to give him the Nuka Cola Quantums for double
the price Petrovita is paying. If you do give them to him,
you will not get the achievement.
– This achievement takes a little while to do because it is
collecting the rare Nuka Cola quantum. You must collect
a total of 30 of them. There is usually 1 in every
location you explore. Not always but almost everytime.
There are 5 at Eulogy’s Pad. 3 in the Nuka Cola Factory.
A few in the Super Duper Mart. Start working on this
achievement from the start of the game. Nuka Cola
quantums shine a bright purple so they are easier to
spot except on the PC version which they are the same
color as normal Nuka Colas. There are according to
Falloutwiki, 110 Quantums in the game.

AC.The American Dream
– Completed “The American Dream” 20G
– After making your way through Raven Rock and speaking
with President Eden. Leave Raven Rock and fast travel
to the Citadel. Make your way to the head of the Citadel.

AD.Take it Back!
– Completed “Take it Back!” 40G
– Make sure you save before starting this quest because
there is no way to get out of it once you start it. This
is the last story mission of the game. After you speak
to the head of the Citadel, tell him you are ready. He
will then bring a massive robot up the middle elevator
and the mission will start. You will fight your way to
the Jefferson Memorial and then you or Lyons will have
to activate the purifier. The password is 2-1-6 if you
decide to activate it.

AE.Slayer of Beasts
– Killed 300 creatures 20G
– This will be gotten overtime, doesn’t take long at all.
Killing Radroaches is a quick way to get it faster.
Super Mutants, Mirelurks, dogs, ants, molerats, deathclaws
and Yao Guais all count as well.

AF.Doesn’t Play Well with Others
– Killed 300 people 20G
– This make be one that you have to come back to once you
have completed all other quests. Make a save and then
go wipe out everyone in the cities. If you are a massive
explorer, you will run into a lot of Mercs, raiders and
Enclave officers and that will get you 300 people kills
fairly fast.

– Made one of every custom weapon 30G
Here are all the weapons, schematics and Items needed.

– Bottlecap Mine – Items Needed
– Lunchbox, cherry bomb, Sensor Module, Ten caps
– Schematics –
-A quest reward from Moira in Megaton after the Minefield
-Jacko’s Pop & Gas Stop, northwest of Tenpenny Towers and
east of Girdershade.
-Dashwood’s safe, in Tenpenny Tower.
-One can be bought from Knick Knack in Little Lamplight.

– Dart Gun – Items Needed
– Paint Gun, Toy Car, Surgical Tubing, Radscorpion Gland
– Schematics –
-Schematic can be obtained from Hannibal Hamlin for
completing the Lincoln Memorial quest for the slaves.
-A schematic is at the Boutique Le Chic in Tenpenny Tower.
-A schematic can be found at the MDPL-05 Power Station
next to the skeleton of a dead engineer.
– Deathclaw Gauntlet – Items Needed
– Wonder Glue, Leather Belt, Medical Brace, DeathclawHand
– Schematics –
-Scott Key Trail and Campground, inside a trailer vehicle.
Near a picnic table. Usually guarded by a Deathclaw.
-Do the Council Seat Quest in Rivet City in favor of

– Nuka Grenade – Items Needed
– Nuka cola Quantum, Tin Can, Turpentine, Abraxo cleaner
– Schematics –
-Complete The Nuka-Cola Challenge, you can obtain a
schematic for this weapon.
-The traveling caravaner Doc Hoff also sells the
Nuka Grenade schematic.
-At the very end of the Deathclaw Sanctuary, there is one.
-Also in the Cliffside Caverns.

– Railway Rifle – Items Needed
– Fission Battery, Pressure Cooker, SteamGaugeAssembly
– Schematics –
-Tulip (General Goods Vendor) Underworld
-Control Room (On the Workbench) MDPL-13 Power Station
-Reward for Stealing Independence from Abraham Washington

– Rock-It Launcher – Items Needed
– Vacuum Cleaner, Leaf Blower, Firehose Nozzle, Conductor
– Schematics –
-Can be bought off Moira Brown in Megaton for a price of
799–1200 bottlecaps (depending on Barter skill).
-In the armory of Rivet City, ship’s bridge tower.
-Bought from the traveling merchant Crazy Wolfgang.
-Can be found in the “Framed Quote” within Vault 101.

– Shishkebab – Items Needed
– Motorcycle GasTank, Motorcycle Handbrake, Lawnmower
blade, Pilot Light
– Schematics –
-Can be obtained from Vance at the end of Blood Ties.
-Lucky Harith, the weapon specialized Caravan Merchant.
-Workbench in a red Brotherhood Outcast shack, to the
south-west of SatCom Array NN-03d. The shack does not
appear on the map, but is at the base of the hill the A
array is built on


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