Making Money with Affiliate Programs

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There are many ways to make money using the internet.  One of the easiest opportunities that you will have is to supplement your site with affiliate programs.  Even if you don’t have a site, you can still reap the benefits of affiliate marketing, but it will cost you a little in the process.

To get started as an affiliate marketer, you first need to decide what you will be advertising.  You will need to take into account how much competition there is, how much the company is paying for commissions (it could be a flat rate or a percentage), and if you are going to enjoy writing ads and monitoring those ads. 

You will need to check the competition for your products if you are doing a PPC (Pay per click) campaign.  Pay per click campaigns are sponsored ads that you will pay for anytime that someone clicks on them.  All of the major (and most of the minor) search engines offer these types of programs.  This is how they generate a lot of their income.    You will need to find a good balance between CPC (cost per click) and revenue.  You can get a great position in the listings but if you are spending too much for your clicks, you won’t make any money.  This really doesn’t apply if you are supplementing your website with affiliate programs because the click through traffic will be based on the daily traffic to your site.

When investigating how much a company pays per commission you will have to take into account the amount of competition for you keywords.   If there is a lot of competition, the keywords will cost a lot more and you will need to be compensated for you sponsorship of their products.  This is determined by both the level of their payouts and the conversion ratio.  Now if you are just supplementing a website you are going to try and get some of their conversion statistics and choose the program with the highest conversion rates. 

Monitoring your ads is just as important as the first two steps because over time you will come across more competition and your ads may not be relevant to the site you are advertising if the site changes.  You should pick an affiliate program that you are interested in because you will have to do a lot of follow up work with it and you don’t want to get bored.

There are a few good places to start when looking for affiliate programs.  I recommend Pepperjam Network, ClickBank , and Commission Junction.

Following these steps will put you in the right direction but only determination and perseverance will lead to big income.  You may have high expectations for your affiliate programs, but you should realize that it will take a lot of trial and error to find a program that you can make some decent money with.  During my peak with affiliate marketing I was making up to $2,000 per month.  It was a great supplement but nothing that you could live on.  Don’t believe the instant millionaire stories out there.  These were based on the initial internet boom when the ebay (and similar programs) affiliate program emerged.  You can still make good money, but you probably won’t be a millionaire.


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