Yia Yia Mary’s Greek Restaurant in Houston, Texas

Yia Yia Mary’s is a Greek restaurant owned by the Pappas Group, and it is centrally located at 4747 San Felipe at the corner with the Highway 610. When you go in the place you will instantly think that you entered a big “Greek” family kitchen with their white and blue tablecloths on their tables. The environment is very family-oriented but it is also a good choice for a date evening.

To start with you should try their “mezes” which are their appetizers, such as their delicious dolmades which are grape leaves stuffed with pork currant filling or lemon rice with a special sauce for 95 cents each or their spankopita which is a pastry with spinach & feta cheese inside for $2.25. Or try their artichokes tiganites, which are a lightly fried artichoke hearts with lemon, mint & extra virgin olive oil for $8.95. You can also share their Yia Yia sampler which consists of spanakopita, tiropita, two dolmades & feta cheese with imported olives for $13.95.

Then for the entrée you can try one of their many fantastic specialties and traditional dishes. If you are there for lunch, try their Gyro beef and lamb for $7.25, a gyro is pita bread filled with meat, a tzatziki sauce ( a yogurt cucumber sauce with dill and parsley), onions and tomatoes. Of course you can order chicken instead of beef and lamb, and it is still delicious.

The traditional Greek moussaka is a must to try, a moussaka is a Greek casserole with layers of potatoes, eggplant, seasoned ground beef, cheese & béchamel sauce, for $9.95 or their Pastitsio which is like the moussaka but has layers of pasta instead of potatoes. And if you like seafood, try their Cretan style food plate for $15.95, this is a dish made for sharing; it consists of shrimp, mussels, tilapia, potatoes and seasonal vegetables simmered in a clay pot with wine, garlic and herbs.

Try their Athena Ouzo for $4.50 with your meal. Ouzo is made from a combination of pressed grapes and herbs and berries, and this type of beverage is only found in Greece.

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