Review of Sage 400 Japanese Restaurant in Houston, Texas

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Sage 400 is a Japanese restaurant located at 2800 Sage rd at the corner of West Alabama, in a shopping center in front of the Galleria. The Japanese restaurant and sushi bar has a particular ambience to it that you feel you have to dress up to step in it. The restaurant is a little on the pricey side but it is well worth it at least once as their sushi is delicious as well as their drinks. You can decide to sit at their sushi bar or at a table or booth.

For appetizers you can try either their Edamame Hummus which is served with wonton chips for $7.50 or you can stick with regular Edamame for $4.00 or start out your meal with Hamachi Carpaccio which is sliced yellow tail with jalapeno, cilantro in yuzu soy sauce for $12.00. Or if you wish try their miso soup with a twist, their Asari miso has clams added in for a unique taste to it. If you like tempura, then you should definitely try either their stuffed mushroom for $6.50 or their mixed vegetable tempura for $5.50.

People that work in the area or are taking a break from their shopping should experience their lunch specials. Here you can decide for one of their sushi menu’s options or a bento box. The Sushi menu has 3 different varieties plus a Chef’s daily special, for example Sushi A consists of tuna, salmon, escolar, and snapper for $13.00 or choose from one of the different bento boxes, such as shrimp tempura, salmon, steak, chicken or pork.

At dinner time it is definitely a must to try their sushi and house specials. You can order the tried and true California rolls for $5.50 or Philadelphia rolls for $6.50 try their Cajun roll which is crawfish tail for $5.50 or their dynamite roll which is baked escolar for $6.00 or wander to their house specials. One of my favorites is their triple delight roll which is tuna, fresh salmon, yellowtail wrapped in cucumber in a ponzu sauce for $12.00 or their delicious raw beef roll which is angus beef sliced and wrapped with shrimp, daikon and cucumber for $9.00.


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