A Review of Cafe Agora in Houston Texas

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Agora is a small café located in 1712 Westheimer road, in the midst of the busy street. The coffee shop looks like a regular house from the outside and can be easily missed, especially because it is hidden behind shrubs and trees. Inside the place you almost feel as if you were at a friend’s house instead of a café.

In the middle of the place you will find the bar where you can order any type of coffee, wine or beers, and if you are hungry you can order some Greek cheese or yogurt, which is great on your lunch break, if you work near the location. Café Agora also offers its clientele a nice artistic view of the ancient Greece that dons the walls of the place, such as posters of ancient maps, masks and torsos of ancient Greece as well as some hieroglyphs and retro advertisements.

The house (as it actually looks like one) is divided in two floors. On the first floor you will find round or square tables with director’s chairs around them. There is also a room in which is a great replica of a typical living room with chairs, a sofa and a TV. It is a great place to sit at with a beer or a glass of wine and watch a game.

On the second floor, you will find a smaller space but cozy as you can sit and enjoy your coffee or beer and look downstairs as if you were sitting in an inside balcony.

At Café Agora you can enjoy a game of chess or backgammon or sit back sip a cup of coffee and read, they have a variety of magazines for everyone to take advantage of or choose a song from the jukebox to enjoy the music. You can also enjoy their small patio and light up a cigar.

On Wednesdays they have a great show that they put on: belly dancers. The dancers are professionals and you can see that immediately as it seems as they are floating on air as they dance. The dancers are able to involve the crowd that is watching and bring them to the dance floor with them.

Café Agora is open daily from 9:00 AM to 2:00 AM. Parking can be a challenge on any day or evening on Westheimer but Café Agora offers a parking on the rear of it.


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