Cafe Adobe Tex-Mex Restaurant in Houston, Texas

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Houston has 4 different locations for this restaurant but the one I am reviewing is the one located near the River Oaks area at 2111 Westheimer. The restaurant itself is pretty big, it has a big room downstairs with large chandeliers and a patio that holds flowers and waterfalls, and upstairs is the bar room which also has its own little patio. The place is usually filled from a variety of people from students to managers.

What the restaurant is famous for their unbeatable Margaritas! The bar patio during happy hour is packed and sometimes hard to find a place to sit, but if you do it is definitely worth it. The most ordered is the house margarita for $5.75 but if you like fruity drinks try their frozen strawberry, mango, peach and guava for $6.25

However their Tex-Mex food is really good. For appetizers they have delicious chimichangas, which are rolled fried tortillas stuffed with cheese and either beef or chicken and served with queso to dip them in for $ 7.99, or their quesadilla, as one huge tortilla filled with cheese, onions, peppers, tomatoes and your choice of spinach, shrimp, sausage, chicken or beef fajita for $9.99. Or you can share their sample platter which includes chimichangas, eggrolls, nuggets and sausage poppers for $12.99. There is also a “healthier” side of the menu with a Gazpacho, Chili or Tortilla soup cup for $2.99 or an Acapulco salad which is a combination of grilled chicken, avocados, tomatoes, almonds and mandarin oranges tossed in a raspberry vinaigrette dressing for $9.99, it is an actual meal on its own and very tasty.

Naturally as a respectable Tex-Mex restaurant they serve enchiladas, tacos and great sizzling fajitas! But they also have house favorites (and they are favorite for a reason), such as (for all of you avocado lovers) the Avocado Adobe, which is a half an avocado stuffed with cheese, your choice of beef or chicken and topped with a ranchero sauce for $11.99. Or you can try one of their combination platters and share it, such as their Combo Mejor which includes southwestern enchilada, sour cream chicken and a seafood enchilada, queso chip and a crispy chicken taco for $15.99


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