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violet tee shirt.jpgIn this day and age where everyone it seems is trying to trick you into purchasing something even though they say its free, It truely is nice to come across a site which actually does give you something of substance for free. Absolutely no cash needed!  I ordered one of these free t-shirts online just the other day. It is indeed FREE and shipping is  as mentioned above, included.

This is an online company who makes t-shirts for various clients and has a number of them which were not suitable for one reason or another , to the original client. This means that we get to bennifit!  It litterally only takes a few seconds of clicking and filling out your address so they know where to send the shirt. Then you click the submit and you are done. Simply await your  t-shirt.  Amazing  I thought. If you know of relatives who may also like a free shirt ,  simply fill out their info on the small info box which they provide , and allow your friends and family  to be surprised by such a nice gift when it arrives free for them.

This could be one way to send plesant surprises to folk if you know their address information.

The website to go to is:

Then click the link which says: “view available t-shirts”

Choose from what is listed there. ( At the time when i ordered there were two from which to choose).

Fill out your name and address , then submit and await your new  FREE t-shirt.    No Catches!



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