How to get in a Band.

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My niece has been singing Karaoke for awhile and she thinks that she might be good enough to make a career out of it. So she asked me how to get into the music industry since I went to school for music and have been in 3 bands.

First, I told her, if she does not play any instruments, she should consider learning something. It’s always helpful for a singer to be able to play an instrument. It gives you that extra edge and if you are having trouble joining or starting a band as a lead singer, you’ll at least, have a good chance of getting experience in a band and making a little money while you search for other opportunities.

I then told her, she should go to These days, the internet is cluttered with information about almost anything you want to know about and you can litterally just type in your question into a search engine such as Google and find an answer, but it can be time consuming and hard to know if all the information you are finding is trustworthy.

I recommend Bandmix because this is where you can create a profile about yourself for others to search for you and for you to search out other musicians in your area. You should always be careful about what contact information you post, however it is a good idea to put your email address in the description area, so that people can contact you even if they are a non paying member.

However, before you start creating your profile, you should decide what your objective is. Do you want to play full time , weekends or once a month? Do you want to play cover songs or do you want to do original music? How many band members and what type of music as well as what type of instruments do you want? You may have a list of songs that you want to do but others may not want to play all of your songs and may want to do other songs. You will have to be clear as to what you are willing to compromise and what you are not.

When you do start writing your profile description, do not try to make yourself sound better than you are, you will have to prove it. But also do not under rate yourself. Would you choose another musician who’s just ok and hoping to get better by joining your band? So just stick to what you know and maybe focus on the type of music you want to do. There will be other issues of whether or not you have sound equipment, or need to get it and where you will meet to jam, or audition and then have practice. There is alot to consider so write stuff down because you may come accross other issues that are not mentioned here. Just keep in mind that  music is supposed to be fun. If its not fun, then there is no sense in doing it. You will not become a star on your first gig and there will most likely not be alot of money to be made at first. So you will have stay focused on your goals and keep your options open.


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