Electronic bubble wrap…silliest suggestion ever

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If you electrify something it makes it better, almost by default, just look through time for the proof, we use electric kettles, electric irons, electric cookers, electric trains, electric lights, and of course the excellent electric fences. Oh yeah adding some volts to anything makes it better, so the clever people at Zoobee Doo took that on bored and get this…they created electric bubble wrap. Yeah they really are geniuses, they took the idea of the annoying kid enjoying popping bubble wrap, and added batteries. What a really smart idea.

Yes for 10p from B & M you too, can own your own battery powered bubble wrap, what an idea, who ever created this product deserves a medal. However an early note is that it’s actually impossible to wrap things with this… which means it serves…well no real purpose, it’s just some electric bubbles….well buttons. But don’t let that put you off, oh no, the fact there’s just 10 buttons on the device that go pop, surely makes it worth an investment. Yes what more could you want!
So what else does this ingenious must have device do? Well it’s so addictive and impossible to put down that you’ll totally forget you need to click it 50 times to have it make one of the rewarding whacky sounds that the device plays. That’s right, you get to hear the ultimate in sound effects such as an evil giggle, or a cow moo-ing, that’s right, theses top notch special sound effects are all yours (the device features a mind boggling 6). You’ll never be able to help yourself than to press the button, resist it? You wish.

What’s more, this tamagotchi sized pieced of heaven can be used as an annoying noise thing to irritate all the people in your office. Alternatively you can be a childish little thing and click it to annoy family members, friends and just random folk in the pub, yes, you can be the annoying little scrotum that everyone stays away from because your odd. You can be that special unique indiviual! And all this can be yours for a mere 10p, what more could you ask for?

So basically me, being me, was happy enough to trial a product that marketed it’s self as being electronic bubble wrap before any other lucky person jumped me in the queue. The product which costs an RRP of 1.99 is the greatest creation ever, it’s the sort of thing that amuses simple minds until the early morning, and drives the mentally insane up the wall. This is all you need to be declared the saddest of the sad.

In summary: Zoobee doo challenge the mentally unstable to resist their pointless product. Their claims that it’s an addictive continuous bubble bursting stress burster seems incredibly far fetched. It’s more likely to send you into the stress home as you realise you wasted your money on a completely pointless bit of tat. Despite trying to make a review as tongue in cheek as possible, it was impossible to hide the fact that the product is entirely useless, with no real need for it.

Some notes:
The device requires 2 x AG3 batteries, which are included
The device is not suitable for those under the age of 36 months (according to the package) however to be frankly honest, the device just isn’t suitable for purchase.
The device is impossible to put down (that’s on the packaging too), mainly because those with any common sense never picked it up to begin with.


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