How To Get Along Better With Your Mother-In Law

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Learning to get along with your Mother-in law can be challenging at times.  However, I have some simple steps to follow that should help any one get along and be able to tolerate a Mother-in law.

 From the beginning of time, it seems that on the subject of Mother-in law’s someone always has a story to tell.  No one really has figured out why Mother-in laws can cause us so much stress in our lives.  Could it be because a Mother-in law only wants the best for their child and they feel like they have to intervene to “fix things”?   

 First, even if your Mother-in law says things that annoy or anger you, it is best to smile and let it go.  Arguing will solve nothing and it will only build more tension among family members.  In addition, it is important to be as nice as possible to your Mother-in law.  Sometimes in laws may be putting you to the test to see how you react in certain situations.

 Finally, as long as the Mother-in law isn’t dictating to you in your own home, there really is no problem.  Mother-in laws really pose no threat to anyone.  Most Mother-in laws probably only mean well, they just have an odd way of showing it at times.  The only that a Mother-in law can control your life is if you allow her to.

 Remember you married into the family and you must accept the Mother-In Law even if she may have many faults like anyone else.


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