Dominating Clickbank

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Learning how to dominate Clickbank is not that hard once you get a few things down. First and foremost, develop a niche. Really develop it. Find something that you really love and expand on it. Write articles, broaden your horizon, research your niche market, research the related topics and do everything in your power to become an expert in your niche.  Go online and do research about niche marketing and niche research to realize what steps are important to achieve the best niche strategies before implementing anything.

 People believe experts in their fields, not salespeople trying to convince them to buy something with a cheesy sales pitch. Don’t make your web page content cheesy sales pitch. Fill your web site pages with content that is full of articles, e-books, newsletters, product reviews, testimonials, etc. that is real and very convincing to visitors.  Send out email marketing with niche material that will entice your visitors and customers to come back to your website.  Return customers and word of mouth is important to your business.

  Secondly, optimize your website using the right keyword combinations. Test out different combinations and include those for broad and specific searches. Compare and contrast different elements when you do keyword searches on major website search engines.  Often you are shown other similar combinations that you have not thought of.  Use them to your advantage.  The title and content of your web pages should sporadically contain your keywords. However, don’t overdo it.  You don’t want Google or people to just see your keywords and nothing else.  Use Google Adwords Keyword Tool and to maximize your efforts.


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