How To Really Make Money on the Net

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Making money on the net sector is riddled with scams and get rich quick schemes. There is no such thing today as get rich quick on the net, some businesses on the net are doing very well, although usually these are the people with original ideas who know how to exploit them such as Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist, Google ad infinitum.

The one thing these people have in common is a unique idea, a gap in the market and means of filling it. Although sometimes the idea may not have been original but the execution has a new twist. For example, some of us from the early days of the net could not envisage anything dominating Excite, Yahoo or AltaVista in the major search engine league. Google did it by giving the people what they wanted, relevant results and a clean interface.

Is there anything new coming to the web somewhere near you?

My own personal opinion is that it is becoming more and more difficult to be original as once a new supersite is started so many “me too” sites come along to try to get some of the action, although usually have to follow in the coat tails of the original site.

Let me give an analogy, based on the pre P.C. world of 1975, when the only kids on the computer block were make it yourself kits, the Apple and the CBM Commodore 8032. In those heady days manufacturers has been looking for applications that would make the Commodore come alive.

What were the applications that first struck gold and became must haves – A Spreadsheet, Word Processor and database application. Only much later when the IBM P.C. was launched did the graphics package and sound become interesting.

In business software these packages  are exactly the same software as today, anyone who could use Excel back then can still use Excel so there isn’t much new really, a lot of bells and whistles, but the same basic software is still the most popular in business terms.

So how do I make a business on the net.

Don’t touch anything that promises wealth, it will not work, even the businesses that are not scams take a long time to become profitable and even than it is only a very few who can live off their earnings.

Use what skills, talents or experience you have, that has the greatest value to other people on the net and can be saleable.

You can sell your skills via freelance sites such as Getafreelancer, oDesk or elance,

These sites have long lists of projects that people need completing, the downside is that there are also long lists of people willing to complete these projects. A further problem exists for those who live in more developed economies, the people living in India and Philippines, where people have a much lower income, for example will complete these projects for much less than anyone from Europe or USA.

Probably the easiest way to make money on the net is eBay, there are more successful people making a living or a regular income on eBay than any other internet activity. The difficulty is finding something at a good price which is in demand and not too expensive to post. But net trading is probably the fastest way to income from the net.

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