Improving gas mileage

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The first step to improving gas mileage is to maintain a steady speed. Cruise control works great for this. The faster you go the more gas you are using. Anticipate driving conditions that you may encounter. Some people tend to brake a lot, you will not want to tailgate this person. Braking and accelerating again consumes large amounts of gasoline .


Try and combine errands into one trip instead of many. By getting the engine warm you are at peak efficiency. It is not good to start your car for a short period of time and then shut it off right away again just to start it right back up in 10 minutes again. Once your motor reaches peak performance temperature, it runs much more efficiently. So as long as you have got it up to temp, you might as well get as much done as possible.


Be sure that your tires are properly inflated to the specified PSI rating. If you have low air pressure in your tires, your vehicle has to work harder to pull the vehicle, using more gasoline. Also you will want to be sure that your tires are well aligned. You should change your motor oil every 2000 miles at most. When your motor oil starts to turn dark it is time to change it!

trunk_Thumb.jpg Try to eliminate any excess weight in the trunk. By removing any unnecessary items you lighten the vehicle and improve mileage. Sure it is only a little difference but them little differences add up.


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