Amazon Ebook Reader – The Real Facts about The Amazon Kindle 2 Ebook Reader

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Amazon Ebook Reader the Kindle 2 is taking the market by storm! All Year I have been hearing great things about it so i had to buy one. So Now I am going to Share my Knowledge and experience to help those currently in limbo about buying this HandHeld Ebook Reader. Below i will discuss just a few of the many features the Kindle 2 ebook reader has to offer.


Amazon Ebook Reader has very unique design, and every thing from the size to the button layout was carefully decided. To Begin with this electronic book reader only weighs 10.2 ounces! The weight makes it portable, and allows you to read anywhere you want. Since people tend to change positions during intense reading sessions the buttons to change the page has been placed on both sides of this digital book reader for easy access, no matter which hand is holding the device. One of the best features is the 5-way controller, this allows for easy on screen navigation when ever one wishes to highlight words or look definitions for specific terms. These are just a few of unique design features this gadget offers.

Battery Life:

Amazon has made some great leaps with the power system in the Kindle 2. The battery life has increased by 25%, which means you can read on one single charge for up to 4 days with the wireless activated, but with wireless off you can read for 2 weeks! The only downside is that in weak signal areas the wireless will consume more power in order to reach the network. A USB Charge adapter is used, when bought the a wall charger and USB PC Cable is included.

Book Library:

The Amazon Ebook Reader has the ultimate library, it only weighs 10.2 ounces but can hold over 1,500 books! You can virtually carry your entire library with you everywhere e.g. airplanes, trains, road trips, etc. Every book you download from the kindle store is automatically backed up online at just in case you ever need to download it again. This backup feature allows you to keep adding titles to your kindle since Amazon is keeping record and storing old books for you. With the Wireless feature you can download books from anywhere in the world. Amazon Ebook reader takes the back up feature to the next level by allowing you to backup the last page you read and annotations so you never lose them either.

Want to know more information about the Amazon Kindle 2 Digital book Reader? Visit this site for tons more information about this device and other reviews on different Ebook Readers currently on the Market:


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