How to Avoid MSG and Other Additives in Your Food

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Go to the grocery store and pick up any processed food item. Read the label. What do you see? Do you recognize all the ingredients in it? No? There are reasons these chemicals and additives are in there, and most of it has nothing at all to do with keeping you healthy.

Additives are put into your food for the purpose of preservation, visual appeal, structural integrity, mood and physical effects. There are also chemicals to make you hungry – did you know that? MSG and several others are there to enhance the flavor of the food, but the side effect of this is that you will want more. You will be hungrier, and sometimes you will crave that one food.

This phenomenon isn’t just with processed food in the grocery store, this is also food that you eat when you go out to eat. Don’t get me wrong – people love to go have a nice dinner out occasionally. There is nothing wrong with that, but most of us don’t limit it to once in awhile. We also rely on a variety of convenience foods at home.

There is a lot to be gained by doing some research online regarding MSG (to select one chemical) as you might be amazed at the research that is available in terms of the connection between MSG and various illnesses. In fact, there seem to be few illnesses that MSG is NOT connected to!

When people adopt a diet of “clean eating” they find that many of their symptoms go away. What do I mean by “clean eating?” It is just sticking to fresh, whole foods that are not processed. There are a few exceptions. Cheese, milk and other dairy products are “processed” to kill bacteria, but they do not have additives beyond what it takes to make the product healthy. Enzymes may be added to cheese, for instance, because if they didn’t, it wouldn’t be cheese. There is a saying, “If it didn’t just walk in off the farm, don’t eat it.” That is as close to a rule of thumb as it gets.

If a product has words such as “natural flavoring” or “spices” or “broth,” suspect it to have additives in it that are not good for you. Choose something else that you know is clean. Our grocery stores have fairly good produce sometimes (that’s another article!) and if you shop carefully, with your wallet in mind, you can find some good food, and it will also save you money, because you are no longer buying the convenience foods, which are generally more expensive.

The number of people getting sick with illnesses that no one can identify, no one can cure, and that no one knows the origins of, is growing out of all proportion to nature. We should be very suspicious. We don’t get sick for no reason. There is always a reason, unless we are born with problems already.

Fresh food is one of the areas we should be putting more importance on in our quest for health. Try it in your own life for a period of time, and see if you’re not feeling better and starting to lose those extra pounds.


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