How to Prepare for College for the First Time

Getting ready for college is should be an exciting time for you. Whether this is your first time going away from home, or you are making your way back to campus from a long enjoyable summer, below are some sure fire ways to get you prepared for this new school year.

First, shop and buy all that you need before you touch down on campus. This means, bargain shop now, during the summer months and look for the best deals on bedding, computers, storage containers, mini refrigerators, school supplies, desks/chairs, cookware, and cleaning supplies. Shop for disposable items like bath/body products and cookware. Use coupons and special code offers whenever you can. Go to stores like Big Lots, Sam’s Club, Costco, Target, and Walmart to find the best competitive deals.

Buy quality products and check to make assure that all your electronics are working as they should. There is nothing worst than going 5 hrs away from home, and having to deal with a malfunctioning laptop. Take care of all of these issues before you leave and when you do have a problem, make sure you keep (or have your parents store you receipts and warrenty’s in a safe place.

Organization is key in ensuring your success in college. Make sure you invest in a real good planner, one that hosts addresses and phone number sections. You will be meeting lots of students and having to remember dates and times for classes as well as important meetings.

Look into practical ways to make and save money. Most college students can only work a limited amount of hours, especially as a freshman, because they need time to get acclimated with the campus as well as the books. If you would like to have a little extra money to pay for books or afford a new outfit, think about blogging or e-howing as a way of supplemental income. Capitalize off of social networks like Twitter, Facebook and make money through their compensation programs. Get paid to socialize. Also think about doing promotions or being a brand ambassador to make money while you have fun!

Invest in a high yield money market fund, preferably one that you cannot have easy access to, so that you can build a solid savings up while you are in college.

 Stay active when it comes to seeking out college grants and scholoarships. Just because you got into Northwestern or Duke on a scholarship, doesn’t mean that you can get comfortable. There are many on-going scholarships that you can apply for. This should motivate you to keep your grades and gpa up so that when you graduate, you won’t have to worry about leaving school with a massive amount of debt.

Meet and really get to know your career counselors. They are extremely important and will help you figure out your career goals. As a freshman, it is common to be bewildered about the type of field or major that you are interested in. Explore different areas by taking classes for credit in your area of interest. Look into summer internships (this is very important) and network with as many people as you can. The years go by so quick and starting early.

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