Treatment of Type II Diabetes

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As M. James Lenhard, MD, FACE of Wilmington, DE could tell you, type II diabetes is the more common of the two types of diabetes. With this type, which outnumbers insulin dependent diabetes nearly 9 to 1, the diabetic does not need insulin and has different symptoms. Some symptoms might include sexual impotence, numbness, yeast infections, abnormal thirst, difficulties in healing wounds, burning sensations, increased urination and blurry vision.

Type II Diabetes mostly affects adults, and does so for a variety of reasons. These reasons include family history, and many other elements. There are many different types of treatment of Type II diabetes that a diabetic should consider.

Diet and Exercise

One of the prime tools to manage your Type II diabetes is to watch what you eat and have a regular exercise program. Maintaining the right weight for your height and age is important to correct your diabetes. Being overweight is an aggravating cause and starting and maintaining a balanced is a great way to avoid having to take medication and can sometimes beat diabetes altogether. You will want to begin with a diet that is not only healthy, but also one that will help your body deal with the insulin and how it is used.

Exercise plans not only helps you maintain your weight, but also helps you properly use insulin.


Medication is required when dieting and exercise is not helping to maintain the sugar levels within your blood. However, if you are not implementing any type of exercise program and good diet into your daily life, you will have to take prescription medicines. There are many different types of medication that your doctor may prescribe. For example, oral medications such as Meglitinides, Biguanides, Alpha-Glucosidase, Thiazolidinediones, and Sulfonylureas are commonly used.

However, if your oral medications do not work or you have some sort of reaction to them, your doctor will likely prescribe an injection type of insulin instead. The majority of people try to manage their diabetes in other ways, without the use of medications.

Natural Remedies

There are numerous natural remedies that may help, these remedies include home remedies, as well as supplements and vitamins. Before you choose to treat your Type II diabetes with natural remedies, you must make sure that you research all options and make the right choice for your health needs with your doctor.

Choosing the right treatment of your Type II diabetes demands studying all options and alternatives that may be available to you and picking the right one that feels right and works best to help control your diabetes.


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