Business On or Off the Web?

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Nowadays with the phenomenal increase in money making methods on the net, the more usual local small business seems to take a back seat. Everyone thinks of business or entrepreneurship and being something that is only really done on the web.

The fact that the web is more and more accessible to everyone has fostered the belief that this is the only way to make money being a small business or one man band.

There are many people making an income on the net, but equally the vast majority fly from money making offer to the next get rich quick scheme very quickly. The main people to benefit from this are the people running the scams and dodgy businesses.

The one effect of this business chasing is that local business start-ups have decreased massively so there are theoretically many opportunities to make money in the real world. Of course a presence online is needed for nearly every business but is it more difficult to start a business on or off line?

On line costs very little – Oh yeh! Is there anyone who hasn’t paid out to try the latest scam or money maker or bought a web site that’s a dog? This also costs time and money.

On line can be up and running instantly – Well if you believe the hype of the MLM boys then OK, but even very successful online entrepreneurs will admit they have been working at it for years.

It can be done with very little knowledge – Well I beg to suggest that by the time we have tried a few scams and clicked away on Pay To Click sites several months or even years have gone by, optimistically this could be construed as education., finding out what works. I would also suggest that the most legitimate parts of money making on the web, such as Amazon and Adwords etc. Require a great deal of skill and knowledge to become profitable.

So for most people making a living on the net is possible but takes time money and has pitfalls like any other start up business.

With regard to none internet business, all you need is a good idea and be prepared to start small if you don’t have the capital. One major benefit is that you will have personal contact with your customers and more to the point prospective customers. You will be dealing with people which in my experience are a pleasure in itself.

There are plenty of prospective small businesses out there, whether it be cleaning wheelie bins, painting and decorating, gardening or turning a hobby into a business. Have a look at for more ideas and ways to get into a start-up mode.

I have investigated making money on line for many years and I think it’s great if you can do it, but don’t forget normal business, people to people contact, its old fashioned but rewarding and there are not so many scams when you work face to face.


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