How to make good friends with proper communication

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The life of a student is very delicate and sensitive which requires proper care and understanding in dealing with other students, lecturers, and staff of college.

Communication is an effective means to preserve and strengthen relationships and most importantly wording and language are the two main important sources to win the confidence and respect of people.   Particularly there are some dos and don’ts that have to be practiced by students.

For instance, being soft spoken with other students, being kind in helping other students in attending assignments or course works or any sort of help required in studies, is a method to win friends.  Never use any abusive words within the premises, as it reflects on the self-respect of a student and it may further deteriorate the relationships.  Students must always be neatly dressed, practice proper etiquette and language in communication and above all, must be very hard working to earn good score of marks in studies.

Give opinions in an understanding manner and also in an explanatory manner. Never try to convince a person about opinions as these vary from person to person.  A good relationship can be built only when there is a clear understanding between two persons and most importantly integrity, trust, faith, confidence, honest, good character are some of the characteristics of a successful relationship.   “Birds of a feather flock together” says a proverb which means, identical minds and characters are always together and lays a foundation for strong relationships.

One can always win friends, by being friendly, ability to help and solve problems and staying on the good side of a point of view.   One must know that good communication can always bring good friends and relationships can be built only be being honest and trustworthy at all times. 

A perfect key for a good relationship is to communicate effectively and maintain such good relationships.


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