How to care for seniors

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Seniors require help and assistance for every activity at home. That is to say, whether it is for a morning walk, serving meals, transportation, grooming, bathing or any medical care or treatment. Seniors who are healthy and do not suffer from any sickness and who are physically fit require less care as compared to those who are under the supervision of medical treatment. For those who are taking medical treatment, timely medicines, proper diet and wellness is required. The level of care and attention is more for those who require medical attention and guidance. Periodical medical check-ups, proper rest and interaction of family members to keep the senior quite happy and content are some of the essentials of care that are required by the dear ones. Seniors expect lot of respect and care from children and get easily irritated and annoyed when there is no proper response and care from their dear ones and at times, frustration builds-up resulting in loss of appetite and social withdrawal. Therefore in all circumstances, it is important for all the family members to give proper respect and care for the seniors, no matter what others think. Seniors must be given priority in all aspects of personal grooming, transportation, medical treatment and in public and social relations. Senior are high-spirited with great experiences in personal and work life, which they would like to share with everyone and this goodwill enhances their self-respect and dignity. Therefore, it is important to give proper diet, finances, amenities of laundry, transportation, library, recreation and church community relationships. The participation keeps seniors in absolute physical health as well in mental health.


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