How to Survive College Saved and Single!

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Being in college will probably be one of the best experiences of your life. If you are anticipating entering college for the first time or if you are a college veteran, these simple tips on being a Christian teen/young adult can help you navigate your way through college’s ups and down’s without losing yourself or the ideals that you believe in.

For first time Christian college students staying on campus is essential. Know that college is more than physics 101 and term papers. It is really about growing, maturing, and being responsible on your own. Staying on campus gives you the opportunity to meet people of different backgrounds. So embrace everyone’s differences and treasure the new friendships you will have.

It is very important that you take advantage of every opportunity to meet people of all different backgrounds. Instead of moving into an apartment your first year, it is best to stay in a dorm so that you can have more access to campus programs and even dorm leadership opportunities.

Join a Christian Fellowship or campus Church. Depending on how far away you are from home, going back and forth every weekend to attend your family’s church may be unrealistic.

The great thing about college campuses is that they have something for everyone. During orientation, really comb the campus and the churches that it has. Talk to current students who can recommend places of worship or campus fellowships.

Consider starting your own Christian fellowship organization if you like. College is all about building leadership in students. This would be the perfect time to create friendships with students of similar background while worshiping and fellowshipping. Look into Christian Greek life. You can find another great support team in Christian sororities and fraternities.

Be prepared for temptation and college pressures. You probably already know that while college is fun and a great life learning experience, it is also a danger ground for negative events. From heavy partying and drinking to unhealthy relationships, you will experience these issues more than once. If you know who you are, what ideals you hold dear, surround yourself with like-minded people who want to stay focus just as much as you do.

There are so many other healthy activities that can be just as fun as reckless drinking or unhealthy dating. Consider joining sports clubs or cultural programs, anything that interests you and that will keep you busy and focused on creating passions within your life.

Finally, set out to have the best experience of your life. Don’t go into college thinking all negative about the pressures you might face. If you are having low points, keep your parents, your church, and other people that you trust in your circle. Just because you may not see them often, doesn’t mean that they are not there to support you. If you make a mistake or do something you regret, know that these are tests that you must overcome in order to learn something. Forgive yourself and know that you are still loved by God.


It is A -OK of you cannot find the man of your dreams in college. Patience is really a virtue. College brings so many people of different backgrounds and maturity levels and this again is okay. Experience relationships that are healthy, even if they are with someone of a differnet backgournd. Learn to love and respect yourself first and let this be a time to really figure out who you are. If you can’t find that special someone, it’s okay because God has something better for you around the corner. Just stay true to yourself. If you make regretful relationship mistakes, ask forgiveness not only from God, but for yourself. Don’t go around beating yourself up or letting others do that for you.


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