3 Basics Thing to Make You Healthier

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The 3 basics are food, sleep and exercise, though the balance depends on your age. As we get older we tend to need less of all three. Metabolism slows with age, so we feel less hungry with age we become less active and therefore need less sleep. However, all three basics are required at any age if we to remain relatively young and healthy throughout our allotted span.

Take Food. The temptation is to overeat. Stop when you stop feeling hungry. Eat for life not life to eat. Try to avoid ‘convenience’ foods; keep the intake of carbohydrates, fats, and sugar low. Protein can build the body without thickening the waistline.

Sleep is even more crucial than food. 8 hours per night for young person, 6 – 7 for elderly. A medium to hard bed and circulating fresh air make for the deepest sleep. Most experts advised going to bed reasonably early, say not much after 11 p.m. the late night film or disco should be the exception.

A reasonable amount of exercise is essential to everybody. Most young people play sport, often team games, football, basketball or cycling to keep the body in tune and sets up the kind of strength and stamina which pays dividends in later life health. It is a mistake to give up activity when we exchange studentship for employment. All too quickly the body runs to fat.

Some sedentary workers are out of breath after climbing one flight of stairs. Strenuous exercise in youth phased down to walking, golf and swimming in later years, goes a long way to prevent heart and respiratory problems.

Lastly, avoid smoking and alcohol. If you have never started, don’t.


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