Runescape Woodcutting Guide

Woodcutting is probably one of the most profitable skills in Runescape, whether you are a member or a free player. As a free player, you have the option to cut yew logs at level 60 woodcutting, which can be extremely profitable. In this guide, I will teach you how to level your woodcutting up to 60.

First, you will need to buy all the hatches, except for bronze. This will speed up your woodcutting speed, therefore leading to faster experience per hour. All of them can easily be bought off the Grand Exchange for less than 15k. If you’re strapped on cash, I suggest reading my other guide on how to make 20k quickly.

I will assume that you are 1 woodcutting. Once you have bought your hatchets, follow the guide below on how to level it up as fast as possible.

From 1 to 15: Cut normal trees. Good places for them can be the Grand Exchange, or any other forest, such as the one between Draynor and Lumbridge. If you want to bank your logs to make some extra cash, use the Grand Exchange, as the bank is only a few clicks away.

From 15 to 30: Cut oak logs. These trees will provide very fast experience, since they don’t fall down after just one log, unlike normal trees. Good places for these trees is the Oak tree right outside of Draynor Bank.

From 30 to 60: Cut willow logs. Yes, you will spend the rest of your time cutting down one type of tree, the willow tree. These provide very fast experience, and are often cut by even the most experienced woodcutters due to their sheer experience per hour ratio. I highly recommend the willow trees in Draynor, as there are many of them growing and they are very close to a bank. Other possible places to cut them are Port Sarim and Edgeville, but the banks for these trees are rather far away.

Once you have reached level 60 woodcutting, congratulations! Start chopping down those yew trees and make some heavy profit.

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