Earning Residual Income With eHow.com

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American citizens (or registered residents of the United States of America) can earn a residual income with eHow if they do it right.

The site allows you to write articles on how to do just about anything which means that there is an unlimited number of topics available. It looks quite simple, and the layout is nice and clean. They pay you per 1000 page views based on their income from ads and clicks on their site. This means that it can vary ever so slightly.

Some people presume that you can just speel off any old rubbish and it will earn them money. Incorrect. Your articles should be keyword optimised as this will make them appear higher on search engines and will generate more page views. Select your keywords and make sure that the article has a 3-5% keyword density rating to improve your chances. The higher ranked you are in the search engines the better.

Pick your topic well. Don’t write an article which already has 20 other similar articles on that site as it just creates more competition for you. Take a while to make a list of things which you would like to write about or which you know something about. Then take the time to search through the site and find out which ones are already there and how much competition you will have. After doing this you’ll be able to see which ones will most likely generate the most page views and you can commence writing.

Another idea is to vary your topics. Some people find that if they write about a niche topic they will run out of things to write about. Therefore by varying what topics you choose you give yourself an endless supply of ideas. It could also bring in more page views as your articles will cover a wider audience.

Finally. Don’t underestimate the power of promoting your work through social websites such as Twitter or Facebook. Post links on your Facebook and take advantage of the automatic Twitter integration that eHow has. Remember, the more people your articles reach, the more page views and the bigger your earnings.


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