How to Write a Persuasive Speech

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How to write a persuasive speech.

Don Bailey

1. Choose a topic

In terms of persuasion, your topic must be grounded in literature. This is a necessity because when people are presented with an argument, they always want to hear the evidence. Therefore it would be beneficial to have a lot of pre-written literature to support your speech. It would also help if the topic you choose is politically neutral. This avoids creating animosity within the audience that would make for heated panel discussion after your speech, additionally your are trying to persuade your audience not piss them off! You should also know your audience. This would greatly help in deciding the topic and how to convey the speech, obviously a college seminar would be much different from an investment speech.

2. Research your topic

After choosing a topic that interest you, the next step is to read up on the topic. This provides  knowledge base which is key to fluid speaking. Some great places to start your research includes, Lexis Nexus, Jstor, Google Scholar, and Project Muse.

3. Choose a position

You should never speak on a topic that you have a predisposed bias towards. This means your research is limited if you do. Statistics show that people look for evidence that supports their points not vice versa, hence an objective mind during the research stage helps convey an unbiased message.

4. Outline your speech

The outline is crucial to prevent writers block at any stage. Your outline should be clear and contain a claim, warrant, and impact for everything associated with your line of reasoning. The outline happens to be the easiest part of the preparation for a persuasive speech. Your intro should allude to your points. All of your points should be independent containing all the necessary parts for an argument that I previously indicated.

5. Write your speech

If you did your outline correctly, then writing your speech should be a matter of plugging in the extra information. This is how many writers can put out multiple works within a small period of time.


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