On Meditation

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On Meditation

By: Don Bailey

Many believe that meditation requires a certain body position, certain repetitive gestures, and a unique ability to communicate with astral guides. Though these descriptions meet the traditional practice of meditation, our collective advancements in our collective unconscious have created new means of accessing a truly meditative state.

The first assumption we must accept is that regardless of the experience we have had on earth, every individual sees the same darkness when they close their eyes. The difference is our articulation of events that occur in the empty space. We especially see the patterns of shared minds in twin studies, the need for patents, and synchronistic minds. This understanding of the mind allows us to realize the equal capacity for all to achieve greatness. Once you realize that all are capable of being great, it becomes easier for us to realize and strive for our specific idealization of a great life.

This means, each time we blink, we get a peek into the imaginary world of solutions that has been responsible for every “great mind” and every great action that has occurred. We realize that the only difference between the accomplished and the accomplishing form the dreamers and talkers is all in the mind. Body details no singular characteristic about the nature of the human. In order to realize why one is motivated, dedicated, and inspired, you have to look at more than the body and environment. It is the mental condition that distinguishes the accomplished mind from that of the rest.

Hence meditation is simply shutting down your perception of the material world, in order to explore your inner mind to adjust energies that give rise to motivation, dedication, creativity, and inspiration. All meditation requires is one simple blink of the eye to cancel all negativities to replace with positive images capable of inducing love for all, and faith in ones self.


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