The Troubled Adolescence


Good Morning Madam” – neha wished very politely as she walked through the corridor. She was very polite as the person whom she wished to was none other than perhaps one of the most charming and cheerful lady on earth – Her teacher – Swati garg.
Swati was a school teacher , teaching in one of the famous convent, co-education school of Dehra doon. Blessed with a very beautiful, charming and cheerful personality, She was the favourite of all her students. She used to teach English till the students of 6th Standard, but was even remembered by the students when they rose up to higher classes due to her extremely friendly and polite nature. Natural smiling face and of course, a very beautiful personality coupled with typical north Indian charming looks.

“Good Morning Girls, how are you?”. Looking fresh and good. And feeling free after your examinations. Am I right? The girls laughed –
Yes Madam, after we meet you, our day is fresh and good. How are
you madam?”
Swati (laughed gently)– I am fine. So my girls are growing and now pampering me.
Pooja – No Madam No, not at all. We don’t pamper you, we are jealous of you.(Pooja burst with laughter)
Swati (Keeping a finger on her chest and pointing towards herself) –Jealous of me. Why! come on?
Both the girls remarked together – We wish we were as beautiful as you are madam. And they shared laughter with Swati.- But madam we would have not been teaching like you.
Swati – Oh… then what?
Neha – We would have been top heroines of Indian Cinema.
you really have that personality madam.
And all of them shared a good day laughter.
Swati – “OK girls, bye for now I also have some work in staff room.”
Swati walked in a confident manner holding her purse and polyethene bag, straight towards the staff room with her tall stature and extremely impressive and attractive curvy figure. Her beautiful body was well draped by a saree of light cream colour base in raw silk with small red colour dots and design all over and pallu of matching
red and golden stripes, a cream colour petticoat well hidden beneath her saree and binding her saree pleats and matching cream colour blouse with red border and she looked dazzling and stunning in this combination. Her blouse struggled against her breasts and got
some support from her white brassiere, worn and carefully strapped
and well located along her breasts. But her light colour blouse
could well delineate her bra. She wore white sandals in her fleshy,
soft feet.
All of a sudden something came into her mind and she decided to go
to the opposite side towards the section where 11th standard science
students’ classes were held. The natural smile on her face widened a
bit and she turned her direction of walking. As she entered the
corridor, she saw a few students (both boys and girls) standing in
front of the chemistry lab and discussing something. Actually second
terminal exams (before the Christmas holidays) were over and only
practicals were left, so students were a bit relaxed. Her eyes kept
on searching till she saw a tall handsome boy coming out of
chemistry lab and sitting along on one bench. He was looking happy
and had started reading a book. As he was busy and absorbed in his
book, Swati stood in front of him, smiling and observing his
keenness.All of a sudden, the boy raised his eyes and surprisingly
stood up. – “Good Morning Madam, err _ _ _ when did you come.(He
bowed down to touch her feet).
Swati – Aah, Aah, its OK. Good Morning Paresh,. How are you?. How
were your exams? And yes, after how many days we are meeting.(she
Paresh – Very good madam. I fared well and now practicals are going
fine too.We are meeting after twenty five days.
Swati – Good. So my boy is very busy nowadays. I am very happy that
you are going well in studies.
Paresh (Lowered his eyes) – But Madam. _ _ _ _ actually _ _ _ _ well
Swati – what’s the matter Paresh? Why are you so hesitant! Speak up.
Paresh (in a bit sad tone) – I miss you a lot. We are in same school,
but still cannot meet for days.
Swati (in a very affectionate and pleasing tone which really
touched Paresh) – Yes Paresh I understand. Even I miss you too. Don’t
worry. Now are you feeling a bit free. And what is your programme
for vacation starting after ten days?
Paresh – Madam I am not going home.
I intend to attend classes for coaching in Engineering entrance after practicals.And spend the
remaining time here only.Are you going somewhere out?
Swati- No Paresh, i had a plan to go to Jaipur to my relatives, but
now only my mother shall go.
Paresh – Oh Sorry madam. I forgot to ask. How is Auntie! (he meant
Swati’s mother).
Swati – Yeah, she is fine.How are your parents in Delhi.
Paresh – They are fine. We occasionally exchange mails.As I
am not going home, they wanted to visit me,but my father has to go
out of Delhi for official tours. So we will meet in next vacation
Swati- No problem. We will spend sometime. And yes Paresh please
don’t hesitate to ask for any help or so, you require. Whenever you
are lonely or free please come to me. After all you have been my
most favourite and liked student.
Saying this she patted on his cheek – Aah, well I can see you are
shaving now. My boy is growing up young and handsome.Paresh now you
are taller than me. Well I think you should not touch my feet.You
should stand by me and shake hands. (And she laughed seeing Paresh’s
face becoming red with a blush).
Paresh (a bit shyly) – Well Madam, you are also a favourite teacher of
all students.I will definitely meet you after exams.Madam I have a
request. Can we have lunch together in the canteen outside the
school today.
Swati – oh, yes why not. I will be very happy. I will finish
off my work in the staff room and come.
And along with her affectionate, sweet tone, she passed a very
gentle loving kiss on Paresh’s forehead and almost hugged him.
After she left Paresh was delighted and excited. She had been the
woman of his dreams right from childhood when he entered second
standard. From the first day itself Swati who was then 24 year old,
had been very loving and affectionate to him as she found him very
cute , pretty , hardworking and loving student. Paresh too was
attracted towards this pretty, beautiful and loving teacher, who
adored him like anything.Paresh felt his heart throbbing at the
thought of Swati’s company. He dreamt her in all possible ways. He
fantasized her as his mother, an elder girl friend and a woman whom
he would like to enter into physical relations too. Entering his
young, adolescent age, 16 year old Paresh had made love with Swati in
his fantasies many times.
He thought of her as a complete woman of her life, of whom he would
touch the feet and like to make love too.In short he loved her very much.
Paresh was a Punjabi boy, who stayed in Dehradoon due to his
schooling and although previously he was in students’ hostel, he had
recently taken an independent room and was enjoying his studies and stay in Dehradoon.
Although he had otherwise a lot of attraction towards Dehra and even
its outskirts, Swati was a great source of attraction towards him who
had bound him to study in this school, despite his parents wanting
him to come back to Delhi. Paresh was a tall, strong boy good in
studies and sports too. Due to his handsome looks and cheerful
nature many girls were attracted towards him, but he kept a distance
and was quite introvert.For him girls or women meant only Swati.
He got very excited today after receiving a lovely kiss and hug
from Swati.He started waiting for the time for Lunch.But his
thought were disturbed by a crude voice. She was none other than but
fat, dark girl Rehana his classmate. She was after him like
anything. – “how are you Paresh?”
Paresh (With a deep sigh) – ok . And he stood up to walk away from her.
Rehana – Paresh, where are you going.
Paresh (in a bit angry tone) – Well so far I was in heavens. Now it
seems hell is approaching me.
Rehana (ignoring his words) – you are looking handsome today.
Paresh – How!, I am just wearing school uniform. What’s special.
Rehana – Oh no you are. Paresh what was Swati Madam talking to you.
And she hugged you and she _ _ _ _.
Paresh – “Rehana its none of your business, may I go now”. And he got up and
started walking towards the staff room.He knew where he could meet
In the meanwhile Swati had entered the staff room and after
greeting her colleagues, from where she got partial response, she
sat and opened few notebooks for checking.
Swati was a tall beautiful lady, with an extremely impressive
personality containing all features of a typical indian woman,
including her hair style. At the age of 33, she stood with a tall
figure of 5 feet and seven inches, with very fine and evoking
womanly assets of 38-29-36.Her waist had developed little fat on all
sides, which made her belly very attractive and sexy from all
fronts, which became even more curvy due to development of tyres
like curves on both sides.Swati had a clear & clean complexion,
which was more or less fair and her fair chest was gifted with two
round boobs like two moons which anybody would like to climb upon or
call them two beautiful pillows where anybody would like to rest
upon. Her breasts were terminated by two big brown nipples backed by
very prominent aureola.She was careful in wearing saree (that is what

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