Tips for Preparing for a Lasting Minute Vacation

The good news is that you have a chance to take a last minute vacation. Since last minute vacations are generally not the ones that last for weeks or months, the preparation needed should be minimal unless you have a very complicated life. Find a suitcase and fill it with the needed items and head out the door. Well, at least, that is the ideal scenario. In all probability, a last minute vacation will generate a huge flurry of activity to find all of the stuff that you want or need to take. Here are some thoughts about what you need to get covered.

Make sure that you have the necessary travel documents available.


In this day and age, a last minute vacation can be an all inclusive trip to Cancun or some other tropical resort area. This means locating your passport, drivers license, and other papers that might be needed. You also need your reservation confirmations for the resort and the travel arrangements. Do not forget your address book so you will have the information needed to send back those annoying gloating post cards. You also need you bank card and possibly your checkbook.

Money, you will need money.


Even if someone else is footing the bill for the trip, you will need cash for souvenirs. You may also need some cash for tips, cab fare, and other incidentals that come up on the trip. Besides this, it is just a good idea to have a few bucks in your pocket in case something unexpected happens. So, head to the bank and get enough to last you on the trip.

Make sure that your home needs will be covered while you are away.


If you have a roommate situation, this may not be an issue if you are on good terms with each other. However, if you live alone, you will want to either have your mail held or make arrangements for someone to pick it up. The same is true if you have daily newspaper delivery. While you are at it, cancel all expected deliveries from other sources for the duration of your trip. Pets and plants need to have care provided. For a trip in the summer that will be a week or more, you may need to have lawn care performed for you. Sometimes, a good house sitter can solve all of these problems. Many people know someone who is willing to camp at their house in these situations.

Do whatever is has to be done to get your clothes ready for the trip.


This may involve moving them from the closet to the suitcase. For others, it may mean doing some immediate laundry duty. If you have much laundry to do before you can leave, consider going to a laundromat so you can do all of the loads at one time. It will cost you $10 or so, but it can speed the job up considerably. Try to have enough space for all of your clothes to be packed without cramming them in and creating lots of wrinkles. Obviously, pack for the weather conditions at your destination. If it is a road trip, include appropriate clothing for various climates if you need to do so.

Gather up any other supplies that might be helpful for the trip.


Depending on the type of trip and destination, you may want to have bottled water, sunscreen, or special equipment for the trip. A small cooler for a road trip can be helpful even if it is just to keep ice inside for adding to drinks to keep them cold. Pack any medications that you require. Include in this list items for motion sickness and stomach distress. Take along something like GermX for sanitizing your hands and other items as needed. Sunglasses and a hat may be items to think about taking. You may need a map.

If your car is being used, make sure it is road ready.


Most people keep their car ready to go. However, if you are near a service point, you may need to take care of this before leaving. Check the tires and age of the battery. Inspecting belts and hoses is also a good idea. Make certain that you wipers are in good condition. Fill up all of your fluids if they need it.

Tell a family member of two where you are going and when you will return.


This is always a good plan so that someone is looking for you. It will keep you from being missing for a month before anyone really starts to miss you. This could be the difference between life and death in some instances. Provide them with an itinerary, addresses, phone numbers, and any other important information that could help them find you if something goes wrong on the trip.

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