Questions About Poland and its Culture

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Reportedly there is a greater Polish presence in the united states that in Poland, the latter having slightly over 40 million people. I am a Westerner, English actually, I meet many people on my travels a great number of them from the USA who are descended from Polish nationals. I will try to answer some common questions that I have been asked about life in Poland.

What is living in Poland like?

Well to be honest very different from the US or the UK, Polish people tend to be very family orientated so most social events tend to be visits between family members, sometimes taking small gifts. Polish peoples focus changes when they have children I am amazed at the fact that normal Poles over about 30 are not prone to go out of the home much socializing apart from the family visit.

What Polish café and bars like?

Well, unlike the US and Europe generally people tend to be younger, very few middle aged people would consider going for a beer, they would probably buy a bottle of vodka or beer and drink at home.

Are poles good parents?

Yes in some cases too good, earlier interests are dropped for the benefit of the child; parents are quite formal and strict but do everything to bring the children up in a good way.

Do Poles go to church often?

Depends, in country areas sometimes 3 or 4 times per day, in urban areas not so much, probably 25% go to worship on Sunday. Whilst virtually everyone is Catholic, many people complain about the Catholic Church in Poland but remain Catholic.


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