How to Diagnose Facebook Addiction

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There are some things in life that form addicting bonds to different people for different reasons. For some people this can be doing a certain drug or having a certain type of sexual desire. But here recently for many individuals this has came in the form of Facebook Addiction. I know it sounds pathetic but many many persons sitting at home right are hooked on this social vampire sucking the lives of so many internet users. Today we talk about some tips to help diagnose someone that has Facebook Addiction.

The very first and most obvious sign of Facebook Addiction is needy behavior involving this social demon. If you get home from work and immediately have to get online to post a bulletin letting all 160 of your “friends” (of which most people will speak to may 5 of on a regular basis) that you got home safely from the job then you have a problem. Thanks to new cell phone applications this isn’t an issue because the ones with a major issue sit around school and work leaving updates every 10 minutes. Oh it’s 11:35 I guess its time to update my status and let everyone I’m about to go take a piss.

One of the more alarming warning signs when going to diagnose Facebook Addiction is how folks are seemingly against any trip or move that takes them away from completing the daily task of being on the site. You can forget taking somebody with this issue on a trip up into the mountains out of cell phone range without a computer.


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