Coping with Facebook Addiction

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Unless you’re living under a rock then you have probably heard of either Facebook, Myspace or Twitter and probably all three in most situations. In the modern world of computers these things are causing a breakdown in social interaction amongst Americans. Rather than talk on the phone or have lunch with somebody folks would rather send a text or tweet a message on twitter. Many of these people are faced with issues when they do finally have to meet and confront people face to face for a change.

This is where I’m gonna talk about coping with Facebook Addiction and yes such a thing does exist. I personally know several individuals that are having major issues with this mental drug and they go into a frenzy when unable to get online and update their status or something along those lines. Personally I think it’s really sad that some people are that bad and have so many problems coping with Facebook Addiction in their lives.

So what are the steps to coping with Facebook Addiction especially for those that are so engulfed in this pathetic craze? Well one of the first things to do as with all situations of this nature is to admit there is a problem. Once this is done then the path to recovery will be so much easier for everyone involved in the process. The next step is to make progress bit by bit to milk this influence out of your life. Usually this means finding other things to fill the time that usually was for that awful Facebook Addiction.


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