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People change career for many reasons. Fed up of the daily routine day after day over several years. Some want something more flexible to suit their family life. Others have simply jumped into the job market industry right after secondary school without really planning what to do as a career. They have worked, lived and been happy but to a certain level until they realised that it’s time to change.

Many people run into a situation where they feel that they need to give more significance to life. They are those who are driven by passion to fulfil a duty. They have sensed a kind of calling which through time have taken shape in their heart and mind made itself clear and now time has to come to shift ground.

Being convinced that a change in career is definitely what you need, you still don’t jump from one job to the other overnight. There is preparation for that.

First of all you must make an evaluation of your current situation. You are still in your current job so what experience/s have you acquired and how will that suit you in your new job. What about your money situation, your social & family life.

Money matters

You might want to take some break before embarking on your new career. You should take in consideration your bank account. Do you have enough saving to provide for yourself and your family in the meantime. Are there any debt to clear. If so would you be able to afford quitting your current job. What about paying for new training.

Skills and Training:

Are you knowledgeable enough to start a new career. You might have acquired much experience in your past and current job but may be fresh training is still needed to obtain new skill for your new job. If your finance restricts you from paying for training you might think of doing some voluntary work in your chosen field to help yourself.

Social and Family life.

Are you ready to spend less time with your husband/wife and children if your job requires much of your time. Will that affect you or your family if it happens that you don’t see them for 1 or 2 days.

What if you change location completely, will there be consequences. Your children would have to change school, friends, teachers, environment; will that be worthy. Are they prepared for that.


Without a doubt there will be new challenge. May be your new career pays less but demands more of your time, you new colleagues might be hard to adapt to. It could be hard for your wife/husband to cope with the new environment.

Things might not go according to plan. Will you be ready to cope with all the stress. Will you raise up to the challenge. Have you set up your mind to carry on no matter what because you are confident you made the right choice.

Those are just few major points to consider. Each person is different and have a different situation. Changing career might be difficult but if you are determined that it is needed then do an evaluation of your current situation. Consult your friends and family for advice. Sometimes a career advisor (well if needed) might be helpful. Having done that, you will be well prepared and be in a better position to face any odd which might come your way.


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