How to Earn Money on the Internet While Having Fun

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There is an Internet Explosion right now with new Global Social Networks sharing their advertisement profits with all their members. While the old Social Networks are still growing, these new Social Networks are growing at an alarming rate because of their profit sharing. The more members that join these Social Networks, the more money they charge for advertisement. These Networks are a great income supplement to your writing sites like, eHow, Helium, Associated Content and many others. Below I have outlined a few simple steps to get you started on one of these Social Networks.


One of the new Social Networks is called Yuwie. This Social Network can open the door for you to other revenue sharing Social Networks. There are many people on this site that are willing to help you.


You will need to sign up under someone. If you already know someone that’s on Yuwie then all you need to do is get their referral link. If you know of no one you can use my referral link which is: . Just copy and paste this link into you web browser.


Watch the introduction video that tells you all about Yuwie and how you can earn money. Money is earned for every message sent, comments you send, pictures and graphics uploaded, and many more activities. For every action you do on Yuwie earns you money. If you like what you see after watching the video just click on “Sign Up Now”.


Once you’re signed up and verified your email address, you want to go to your account settings and click on “Notification Settings”. Once there you will want to un-select all email notifications under “Friends”, “Comments” and “Messages”; if you don’t you will receive an email message for everything under these Notifications. All notifications can be seen from your Yuwie Home Page so there’s no need to flood you email inbox with messages.


Finish completing your Profile. You can add as much or as little personal information you want.

Step6 :

You will now want to customize your Yuwie Home Page. Yuwie makes this very easy. All you have to do is click on Layouts at the top of your home page. On the next page select a category that you are interested in and then just view them one at a time to see which one you want to use. If you like one, go to the top and select “Use This Layout” or Add to Favorites”, if you want to keep looking. You can change your page layout on the fly. You are never committed to just using one layout.


Now that you are all set up you will probably want to know where you can go for some cool animated graphics and guest books. A good site for animated graphics and comments is: . This site is safe and there is no need to sign up for anything. Just find what you want and then copy the code from your selection and paste it in your Shout Box if you want it to appear on the left side of your Home Page or in one of your sections under Interest to have it appear on the right side of your page. If you want to send someone a comment, then paste the code in the comment box. From there you can view it and then send it to your friend.

Step8 :

For slideshows and guest books visit: , this site is also safe and you do not have to sign up to use these products.


If you have any further questions about this site help is just a click away. You can send a quick message to an online friend or one to Yuwie support. Yuwie is a lot of fun and you are earning money while having fun!


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