How to Feng Shui Your Dinning Room

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Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice to help one improve life by receiving positive chi. By arranging furniture in a certain way, will aide in the flow of chi. Since a dinning room is the center for family gatherings, proper placement of furniture can help stimulate conservation as well as appetite. Below I have outlined some tips to follow that will improve chi in your dinning room.


Since the dinning room table is the center focus of your room, consider choosing a round or oval table with no edges. Round and oval tables, stimulate conservation and enhances chi flow.

Tip2 :

Place the table in the middle of the room so everyone is seated comfortably and positioned in the center of the room.

Tip3 :

If your dinning room table is square or rectangle, then place round or octagonal decorations in the center of the table to stimulate chi.


The dinning room chairs should be comfortable to seat in and have a comfortable back.


The host should never have his or her back to the door. This is to prevent unexpected surprises.

Tip6 :

Guest or family member, who is being honored, should always be seated to face the door.

Tip7 :

Candles should never be your main source for lighting; however they can be used to add to the décor of your table. You should always have your room well lighted and centered over your table.

Tip8 :

Good color choices for your dinning room include; reds and yellows which help stimulate appetite and digestion. Light blue, green and lavender are also good alternative choices.


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