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If you are wondering why your life is a mess, why is the economy so bad.  I have a very simple answere for you…US. us as in  the media, family, friends, co-workers, you name it the more negatively we speak the more influence the negative conditions will have on your current situation.  Talk about what you want not what you do want.  What we speak is what we manifest into our lives.universal law.  The tongue is the most dangerouse weapon possible. Watch what you say and how others influence your train of thought.  For the last 5 years I have studied astrology, numerology and universal law and found in my studies that everthing is relevant to state of mind in our own conciouse developement of what are envirmoment should be.  Astrology just sets up the basics of human nature for each individual and numerology establishes the dialogue of life.  When you will be most challenged,  When you will be most comfortable, when you will get married and have a family, what you need to overcome in this lifetime etc Universal law governs your reaction to every situation and the energy that you send back and forth into the universe which governs the next course of action for you.  It is as simple as you walk pass a co-worker and you both speak accordingly but the co-workers says Hey, how you doing and you say the same but they reply “tough day can’t wait for this to be over” you tend to respond I understand same for me, you unconciously agree not realizing that you are setting up your day for failure by simply agreeing to someone else’s negative energy, your state of mind instantly switches to one of negative thoughts about the day of ahead, even though you have not experienced one negative thing personally that day.  You have to be careful of who you talk to and what you talk about.


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