How to Maintain a Good Lawn

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For many homes a plush, green lawn can be a challenge. Preparation and maintenance is the key to having a great looking lawn. Below I have outlined a few basic steps that will let you have a great looking lawn.

Material and Tools

Topsoil (for filling holes)

Grass seed (for filling bald spots)

Lawn Mower

Garden hose or water sprinkles


Fill any holes in your garden with some topsoil and then apply grass seed. Water all areas that you have planted grass seed.

Step2 :

Water your lawn early in the morning before the sun rises. Make sure your lawn as an ample amount of water to reach the roots. Healthy grass comes from the roots receiving the proper amount of water.


Mow the lawn to the proper height, using a sharp blade. Never cut off more than one third of the blade when mowing. Grass needs the surface area of the blade to sustain itself.


Prune any tress or shrubs in the area that may prevent sunlight and air circulation from reaching the lawn. Air circulation and sunshine promotes growth and reduces the chance of disease.


Inspect lawn regularly for signs of disease, insects and weeds. Speak to a lawn specialist at your Home and Garden Center about the best way to treat your lawn for disease and insects. They can recommend a good fertilizer and pesticides to use for your lawn.


Maintain your lawn mower all year round to ensure proper operation and cutting performance.


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