Are traffic exchanges good to use?

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Traffic Exchange websites are just what the name implies. You give other website or blog owners traffic by visiting their site and in return, you will get traffic to your site. The way this usually works is that for every 2 or 3 sites you visit, you will earn a hit to your site. You Usually after registering with a traffic exchange site you need to register what website or blog of yours you want to generate traffic to. You will then have to start surfing other members sites; earning credits along the way. When you start surfing other members sites you will have to stay on that page for a certain number of seconds, anywhere from 5 seconds to 25 seconds depending on the traffic exchange site you are using. Once you have enough credits and you want to start generating traffic to your site you just have to assign your credits to your site and when others are surfing they will see your blog or website, pretty simple right? Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of traffic exchange websites.


You really can generate lots of traffic to your site. I think many people will use these sites to generate a lot of impressions because they have ads on there were they will get paid by a company for every thousand impressions. If this works for them then good for them. Be careful though as many pay per click programs like Google Adsense forbid using traffic exchange type sites in their TOS and can cancel your account with them if they catch you doing this.


Most of the traffic you will get from these traffic exchange sites is what many would call crappy traffic. Why? Because 90% of the traffic you get will just be people who are looking to build traffic to their site and don’t really give your site a glance when they land on it. Some people will just open another browser and do other things while they supposedly are surfing the traffic exchange blogs.

If you want to give some of these traffic exchange websites a try and see how they work for you; some of the popular ones out there are Blogexplosion, Soaring for Traffic and Gold Star Traffic Exchange. These are only a few of the many traffic exchange websites that are out there, there are many.

I think that the cons outweigh the pros when it comes to traffic exchange websites as it just takes way to much time to be surfing all of these blogs and websites to get traffic to your site. If it was traffic from people who wanted to be there then I’d say that all the time and effort was worth it but, I mean really, I’d rather get traffic from the Google Search Engine or somewhere were my traffic is there because they want to be there and not because they are there just to get more traffic to their site! Of course, you may feel different about this but to each his/her own.


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