Tips for going green!

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Go green without going crazy!

1. When you leave a room anywhere, turn off the lights. It’s not hard to flick a little switch!

2. Take showers instead of baths. You usually use less water in the shower then the tub. No hour-showers though!

3. When you’re going to the grocery store or the gym, or something simple like that, offer to take neighbors or friends too! It could be fun, and you don’t use as much gas since you’re taking them on their weekly trip to the store also!

4. Instead of buying coffee from the stores, such as Starbucks and iHop,bring your own mug so you can keep using it instead of throwing away a cup everytime!

5. Instead of washing one certain shirt or pair of pants, do a full load of laundry. It saves lots of water and electricity.

6.If your buying new appliances, buy EnergyStar products. They save you plenty of money each year!

7.When your going to go workout, jog around the neighborhood instead of using a treadmill or electric workout machines.

8. If you need more lightbulbs, use florescent. They save a lot of money, and don’t hot like regular lightbulbs. They also last A LOT longer.

9. When asked at a grocery store “Paper or Plastic?” Say neither! Use a reuseable bag!

10. The easiest one! Recycle! It’s not hard at all, and you save the planet more!

11.The average person uses 6 paper napkins a day! That is a lot of waste going into our landfills.Just switch to cloth napkins!

12. Own any broken computers? Donate it to a computer shop instead of throwing it away! People can easily fix them! Or if you’re not going to throw it away, do as much as you can to fix it.

13. If there’s a party coming up, and you get the daily newspaper, wrap it with that instead of going out and buying wrapping paper. Also, if you use the comics section, it’s very entertaining.

14. If your a real big commiter, you can dry your clothes naturally, in the wind and sun. It saves electricity!

15. Trade your SUV’s for fuel efficent cars!

16. Walk or Bike more! It gives you exercise for you, and it saves gas.

17. Drink water from the tap, instead of buying those exspensive bottled water packages. It tastes just as good!

18. If you donate your unwanted items to Goodwill or other exepting donation stores, you can sometimes get paid, and you don’t have to throw away your clothes and toys and other unwanted items.

19. If you have extra pocket change, use a public transportation! It’s like carpool, but a lot more people get around.

20. Avoid disposable items. Buy reuseable, and you’ll never have to buy those disposable items again!


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