No Sweat Income

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So many Americans today, the fortunate ones that have a job, are sometimes working two and three jobs to keep their head above water. This is not the American “way” that we grew up believing in. How to earn a great income without the sweat doesn’t seem possible under these conditions. 

Many people have shaped these circumstances by poor wisdom and bad decisions, but not every person. 

Do you know that the majority of people in America would like to be their own Boss. People realize that owning their own business is “The American Dream” and the way to get ahead in most cases. 

With the typical American family being so strapped for cash, who can think about owning their own enterprise today? 

Hate to be the bearer of bad news but the news media is pointing out the actuality that gas prices are rising again. This alone should cause people to want to know how to earn a sizable income without the sweat. 

The answer is, almost anyone can own their own business today. You might be thinking that’s not probable but I believe it is. The Internet has leveled the playing field for the average American. 

We have all heard achievement stories of immigrants who have come to America with just the shirt on their back, who have become millionaires! Most of them persisted and worked hard without access to the Internet, which has a world wide market. 

This American dream is still alive and well because of the Internet. 

There are many online businesses that have bare minimum start up cost that can be built and some relatively quickly. 

What the average person doesn’t know, is there are ways to build a crowd of followers with just a small investment. Once a person has created this following by offering help and training alone, they can then opt into an online business and bring their whole group with them. This is the “smart” way to build a business on a limited income. 

The beauty of this strategy is, a person is not purchasing products from a company ever month. Don’t get me wrong, being involved with a company that pays residual income for the balance of a person’s life is a great thing, as long as one can afford the products while building a down-line. 

I believe most people could abide by this plan for two to three years as they continue to work their job and then reach a point where their online income would far exceed their job. By the way, another bit of depressing news, jobs are not a sure thing in today’s economy. This is another great incentive for people to own their own business and be in control of their own destiny. 


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