How to Choose the Right Dishwasher

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A dishwasher is a great time saver. You can really appreciate them during the holidays and family gatherings. Did you know that a dishwasher will save you water and energy over hand washing dishes? You save even more if you don’t pre-rinse the dishes. Below I have outlined a few things to look for when shopping for a dishwasher.


Some dishwashers raise the hot water temperature that comes from your water heater. With this feature you won’t need to pre-rinse dishes. This also saves you money in hot water heating.

Tip2 :

Another feature on some models is a food disposer that grinds up food particles and flushes them out with the water. This prevents food particles from re-deposited on your dishes.


Check the size of the spray holes on the washer arms. The smaller the holes the more water pressure will be applied to the dishes to get them cleaner.


Make sure the dishwasher you buy offers all the wash cycles you will need for washing; like pots and pans, china, and crystal.


Check the flexibility of loading dishes into the washer. Some models feature fold down shelving for greater flexibility.

Tip6 :

Some dishwasher models use sensor technology to detect how dirty your dishes are and adjust the wash cycle accordingly. This will save you water and energy for dishes that don’t require much cleaning.


You can check how quiet a dishwasher will operate by how much insulation is around the tub. The thicker the insulation the more quiet the washer will operate.


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