Homemade Michael Jackson Halloween Costume, Jackson 5

Homemade Michael Jackson Halloween Costume, Jackson 5 (Early 1970’s)

With the recent death of Michael Jackson, expect dressing up as Michael Jackson to be a sought-after idea this Halloween. Retailers, undoubtedly, will seek to market all sorts of Michael Jackson Halloween costumes this fall. Here is how to make your own homemade Michael Jackson Halloween costume. This article will focus on how to dress up as Michael Jackson from the Jackson 5.

Michael Jackson Jackson 5 Halloween Costume: Getting it right:

The web is full of pictures of Michael Jackson. A Google images or similar search should return many useful results. To get a better idea of materials or items that would best suit your Michael Jackson Halloween costume, it is a good idea to browse some pictures. You may even have random clothes or materials on hand that you can use without having to go shopping.

Michael Jackson Jackson 5 Halloween Costume: Face and hair:

The easy way to go about getting this part of the Halloween costume is to buy a Michael Jackson or similar mask, and a fake Afro wig, from any store that sells them. Walgreens, wal-mart, or costume specialty stores are options. This part of the Michael Jackson Halloween costume is probably best purchased, unless you have the materials on hand and the expertise to assemble them.

Michael Jackson Jackson 5 Halloween Costume: Clothing:

Michael Jackson wore a lot of floral print dress shirts when he was with the Jackson 5. Any button down shirt with elongated triangular collar flaps and a fancy design or unusual color will work for the Halloween costume. Consignment shops, thrift stores, and your parents or grandparents closets (with permission of course) can be sources for these fancy floral print dress shirts. You may have to browse the woman’s section, as no ordinary man would be expected to wear these shirts today.

Michael Jackson also wore striped or bright colored bell-bottom pants in the early 1970’s. One way to replicate these pants is to take a tuck in the upper leg of a pair of vertically striped pants or pants of an odd color such as pink or light blue. The other alternative is to buy a bolt of cloth and make the pants yourself. Any pants or color that screams seventies should work for this part of the homemade Halloween costume.

Michael Jackson Jackson 5 Halloween Costume: Shoes:

A standard pair of dress shoes will work, preferably a pair with heels as opposed to a flat-bottomed shoe. Pointed toes work good for the homemade Halloween costume as well.

You now have your own, mostly homemade Michael Jackson Halloween costume.

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